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Following the success of the million-view MVs, Free Fire launched a new group

On January 21, Free Fire greeted the new year with a 4-member group TRAP coming out of his game with his debut song “I’m on Fire”, immediately attracted fans. The world’s number 1 survival shooter.

T.R.A.P, the song expressing the spirit of street hip hop

Recall the previous million-view songs that Free Fire has released in Vietnam market such as “So Close”, the song “Rap love” by the prince rapper Binz and the singer Phuong Ly or Vale Vale, the lead song at the top of the world rankings, a collaboration between Free Fire and the world’s leading DJ Alok. T.R.A.P brings a new, popular and modern spirit and closer to young people.

Inspired by the corners of Brazil, blowing souls with fiery choreography in the background of Latin Rap / Hip Hop music helped T.R.A.P become a song that not only catches the eye but also catches the eye. You can dance and dance to the music while watching the characters coming from the game singing the declaration of young people.

T.R.A.P – I’M ON FIRE (ft BJRNCK, Awich, Krawk, Faruz Feet) | Music Video – Free Fire

Familiar characters that refreshed interesting

Not only invest in melody or image, MV “I’m on fire” also invests monumental profile for each character when playing real-life singers. Looking at the cool set like this, who doesn’t want to enter the game and play it right away?

Following the success of the million view MVs Free Fire launched a new group | Mobile & Social

T.R.A.P is part of the T. Fire’s T.R.A.P Revolution project, which is expected to “explode” with more exciting activities for gamers. You can drop by Garena Free Fire’s YouTube to update more information offline.

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