Find out the real reason behind the oil spill that made the Arctic river bloody, and the ‘killer’ is something you wouldn’t expect.

As reported, a river in the Arctic has turned into a “river of blood” after an oil spill from a nickel plant near the city of Norilsk in Siberia. A very serious incident when the plant’s oil tank collapsed, pushed more than 21,000 tons of diesel oil into the environment and led President Vladimir Putin to issue a national warning.

The cleanup has been carried out, and Russia has also launched three exploration ships to find the true cause of the incident. And finally, recently, scientists have found the “culprit”. That is “climate change”.

Specifically, the change in temperature in recent years has caused the Arctic ice to melt quickly, the ground texture is no longer solid. A landslide was the inevitable consequence, and it caused the plant’s oil reservoir to fall.

The river “stained blood” in the Arctic because of the oil spill

“To prevent similar catastrophic situations with territories within the existence of the permafrost, a comprehensive evaluation is needed,” – quoted from the Justice Minister of Russia.

It is known that the city Norilsk is one of the largest industrial centers of Russia which was built on the Arctic belt. Earlier, the Nikel company had reported doubts that the permafrost was melting here.

There are also a number of other reasons: since 2016, the technical safety watchdog said it has been unable to check the safety status of the oil tank (has existed for at least 35 years), because The company says the tank is under repair. After the incident, the company tried to control the consequences for 2 days but could not, had to resort to the help of experts.

According to experts, even though the causes are due to the melting ice, this disaster can be avoided if the Nikel company complies with environmental regulations, such as fencing around the tank to limit drought. curb the spread of oil spills.

Find out the real reason behind the oil spill that made the Arctic river bloody and the killer is something you wouldn t expect | Live

During the video conference, President Putin shared with Nikel company director Vladimir Potanin that the company needs to pay for extensive clean-up after the incident.

“Every effort should be made to offset and restore biodiversity to the surrounding area,” – Mr. Putin said.

Potain himself estimated that the entire campaign would cost $ 146 million, not counting the fines. “We will pay for everything we need. We will return the ecosystem as it is.”

The Nikel oil spill was arguably the worst in Arctic history. At least 180,000 square meters of soil around the tank is contaminated before reaching the Ambarnaya River. This river is originally a large water basin and is the main source for the Pyasina River – an extremely important river for the entire Taimyr peninsula.

Source: Science Alert

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