Find love right away through the 21gram dating app

Through chatting, sharing users can search and choose the ones who find best for them.

21gram is a dating app for young people who want to find a true match. New dating features of 21gram including many points to explore interesting.

Introduce compatible people every day

The user first learns through information such as date of birth, hobbies, city of residence, etc. These are outlining information about that object.

Every day at 3pm users will be introduced to an age-appropriate soul mate. After learning basic information, users give the right to choose whether or not to like. If two people like each other, you can talk to learn more.

Find love right away through the 21gram dating app | Mobile

Users have 10 minutes to decide whether they want to talk and learn more about the other.

Especially, every day only one person is introduced, so users need to be serious, learn more carefully to find true love, avoid spam too much.

Answer questions when in love

Users have a community to share and answer love inquiries. This form acts as a forum on topics. When you post a question, members of the consulting community share.

All questions about love from stages such as attention, learning, dating are immediately answered by community members. The community operates according to the criteria of helping each other, having fun so that users have moments of relaxation and comfort when using the application.

Find love right away through the 21gram dating app | Mobile

21gram with version 2.0 of the interactive feature promises to bring serious, honest love and sharing.

On the occasion of launching 21gram version 2.0, users will be given 500 souls for free to experience the features in the app.

Currently users can download it at [ Æsir Tales ]

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