Female player Vaevictis: ‘Sex is not a problem, for five Diamonds to fight, they are just as bad as us’.

Yesterday, Riot Games Russian Federation branch has made an official announcement regarding the elimination of eligibility for the LCL Spring Tournament for Vaevictis Esports – The women’s team League of Legends The first professional in the world.

The reason given is that this team has had a poor performance record, lost 28/28 professional matches fought, and they are determined not qualified to attend a professional tournament. This decision can be said to be a shock to the members of Vaevictis, and recently, their jungler Anastasiya “HellMa” Pleyko has shared with Inven Global about the event.

HellMa acknowledged that playing professionally is a very good experience for the team members. – “At first we were very nervous, but the other players were quite friendly to us, and that helped the team to relax.” – HellMa shared with reporters of Inven.

However, it seems that the gaming community doesn’t really trust the authenticity of this answer. In fact, the appearance of Vaevictis has caused quite a bit of trouble for other teams in the Russian League of Legends.

Vaevictis matches usually take place with a one-sided posture, and this female team has to take an average of 26 kills per match. That sometimes also causes quite “silly” arguments in the gaming community, about whether other male teams are deliberately “bullying” them or not.

Female player Vaevictis Sex is not a problem for five Diamonds to fight they are just as bad as us | Esports

In fact, attending a professional tournament also means that Vaevictis members have to accept that they will compete fairly with other teams, so “giving up” is definitely not going to happen. out.

Talking about the series of bad team achievements, HellMa asserted that: “We always try to improve ourselves, after each defeat, the whole team sit down and look at the mistakes leading to defeat, and will try to fix in the next game. But that does not mean. It means, because we ended up having too little experience compared to the other teams. “

“Huh, we are only Diamond rank players, while most of the other players are in Challenge rank. This is not a gender issue. play worse than men), if you put 5 Diamond rank guys into the competition, they will be just as bad as us. “

HellMa’s share, though, doesn’t seem to convince the community, basically, no team will bring Diamond-ranked players to the professional level (to Master Ba climbing the Challenge). and yet to have a VCS comeback yet), so many people think that it is ridiculous to take the level of excuse, HellMa needs to recognize that their (Vaevictis) appear in a top level tournament. of the region has been a funny thing, not because of gender issues, but because this team is too … “out of submission” compared to the rest.

Female player Vaevictis Sex is not a problem for five Diamonds to fight they are just as bad as us | Esports

The Vaevictis leadership is looking for an all-female team just to oppose the Russian Riot franchise policy, in other words, the average person only trolls the game, and they want to troll the whole tournament. So the fact that Vaevictis received unfriendly looks from other teams is not too difficult to understand.

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