Female Free Fire streamer, the victim exposed to sensitive photos and clips, is extremely depressed, has found the culprit?

On today, a shocking news in the Free Fire community is the fact that the female streamer on the payroll Team Heavy, directly operated by AS Mobile. unexpectedly reveal sensitive photos and clips. It is worth mentioning that this female streamer was harmed by a bad audience when she released these private photos and clips.

AS Mobile and Team Heavy representatives also shared that this is an act of intentionally affecting the reputation of the streamr female in particular as well as Team Heavy in general. The insiders themselves were harmed when personal accounts were hacked, resulting in series Private images and clips were released publicly online.

Currently, the victims of the incident, specifically the female streamer on Team Heavy’s payroll, have blocked their Facebook page. AS Mobile, the head of Team Heavy also has officially spoken on its personal page on this matter.

Female Free Fire streamer the victim exposed to sensitive photos and clips is extremely depressed has found the culprit | GameK

AS Mobile speaks up on its personal Facebook

“Yesterday there was something bad happened with a Heavy member that made Sang extremely worried and sad. Worried that this story will negatively affect the future and the girl’s life is going on a lot. storm and depression because the way the online community acted is not really civilized.

Distributing the personal clip is a LAW violation and HEAVY asked the police to enter the war to Find out who has breached privacy hers. Besides, there are also many people who have a voice in the community who also attacked using vulgar words to affect the spirit of that girl.

As for the fact that she personally collaborates with creating content to help both YouTube channels develop, it is still their personal matter. In my opinion, it is development cooperation. Because both grow up together. Disputes happen is personal in it. So outsiders also cannot understand the whole situation.

Her private life, you should not discuss too deeply about their private life.This is also a lesson for us about information security and re-examining our behavior on social media. festival.

Let’s join Sang to help her escape the “black hole of the online community”.

Female Free Fire streamer the victim exposed to sensitive photos and clips is extremely depressed has found the culprit | GameK

Team Heavy will always side by side with this female streamer

Currently, Team Heavy and AS Mobile are cooperating with the competent authority to track down the person who has released the image and the personal clip of this female stream online. Hopefully, the online community will take civilized action to help the victim get out of this crisis.

Because, according to what AS Mobile shared, this female streamer is quite young, he also called on netizens to join hands to help. “that girl” overcoming this great emotional shock to be able to start all over again. Currently, AS Mobile’s call has received great support from the online community when in a short time there were more than 13,000 emotions, nearly 3,000 comments and 711 shares. This will definitely be a spread of this humanistic message so that the female streamer, the victim of this incident, can overcome all difficulties and guilt.

We will continue to update information in the future.

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