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Fearing the spread of the flu, the 18+ cast was forced to cancel the entire schedule

Pandemic pneumonia is becoming increasingly worse throughout Asia until this time around the world. Originating from China, this disease has started to spread throughout neighboring Asian countries, such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.Now, it has started spreading to all over the world. bridges in other continents have also begun to show signs of disease.

With the epidemic becoming increasingly stressful, most of the major countries in the world cancel all events, and at the same time, supervise and intensify their efforts to prevent epidemics. More specifically, there are cases where an area is closed to ensure effective outbreak control.

Unlike in Vietnam when the pandemic against respiratory inflammation was strictly controlled, Japanese people are now just beginning to really do it. Recently, almost all events to meet and interact with actresses in the field of adult movies have been canceled and not scheduled for reorganization. The most typical example is Arrows, a representative company that canceled all of Arina Hashimoto’s events. Later, Bpro company in turn canceled all of their actors, including Marina Shiraishi, Moe Amatsuka, Makoto Toda, etc.

Fearing the spread of the flu the 18 cast was forced to cancel the entire schedule | Khám phá

Yua Mikami is a rare person who still participates in the event, but fans must not be in close contact with her.

Even so, there are a few companies and actresses who organize events according to their normal schedule. However, their conditions are quite strict and require fans to respect the regulations of these idol girls. All attendees required to wear masks, do not have close contact, do not shake hands with idols, even though they are still taking photos but not taken together. In addition, there were a few girls who were quite worried and did not dare to go to the streets much because they were afraid of disease.

Fearing the spread of the flu the 18 cast was forced to cancel the entire schedule | Khám phá

Events involving adult film actresses have been canceled and there is no scheduled return date when the disease is spreading.

However, at the present time, adult products in Japan are still produced and distributed normally within the country of this country. According to the representatives of the distribution stores, the products are prepared before release to promote 2-3 months before, so everything is maintained as normal as before the epidemic. However, if this situation persists, no one knows the consequences and work of hundreds of thousands of unknown people.

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