Famous with a cunning and cunning strategy to have many sons, why did Liu Bei pass the throne to someone who was deemed useless like Luu Thien?

Liu Bei is a very useful person, from the beginning he was very good at hiding himself, thanks to this way, he got the loyalty of those around him. We all know Liu Bei is also a wise man, but somehow he made such a serious mistake in the end when he chose a successor.

We all know that his son Luu Thien was a poor master, and made many mistakes after he was crowned Emperor.

Luu Thien’s personality was also a bit cowardly, if it weren’t for the help of military master Zhuge Liang by the side, he wouldn’t know how the Thuc country would perish.

This makes people feel very strange, because if Liu Bei only has one son, then there really is no other way. But based on historical grounds, in addition to Luu Thien, Liu Bei has 3 sons.

After all, what is the reason why Liu Bei ignored the other 3 sons, choosing Luu Thien to inherit his throne?

Luu Thien is really too useless, actively surrendering to the country. Even when locked up, he still lives leisurely, every day happily eating at the enemy’s house, not wanting to return to his homeland. .

So to this day, when referring to Luu Thien, posterity does not give this character a good word, because it is his weakness that makes Thuc kingdom fall into ruin.

In fact, this has certain implications for Zhuge Liang. Liu Bei’s eldest son, Liu Phong, is a very capable person, but he did not receive his father’s trust.

A man with many wives obviously could not have only one son, Liu Bei’s other two sons were also very elite, but Liu Feng, because he was too smart, was discouraged by the military master Zhuge Liang.

Zhuge Liang always felt that Liu Feng’s power was too strong, and his malice was also very great, so he always advised Liu Bei to take certain precautions.

So in the end, Liu Bei refused to let Liu Phong be the Crown Prince.

Actually this eldest son is indeed talented in the military, but in the end Luu Phong has political ability or not, there is no specific record, so perhaps this son is just a talented general. good, but not fully gathered the elements needed to be an Emperor.

If we want the country to develop well, we absolutely should not let a martial arts general be the Emperor, let alone Liu Phong is only an adopted son of Liu Bei.

What about Liu Bei’s other two sons?

If only his biological son is counted, then Luu Thien is his oldest son. But even so, it was still the child born after Liu Bei was older.

Because when he was young, he was busy fighting everywhere, so the wives of Liu Bei also passed away, until everything was okay, Liu Thien, which caused the age of the father. big, but the child is still too small.

Famous with a cunning and cunning strategy to have many sons why did Liu Bei pass the throne to someone who was deemed useless like Luu Thien | Manga/Film

When Liu Bei passed away, his oldest son, Luu Thien, was only 16 years old, so the age of the other two sons, Luu Vinh and Luu Li, will be even smaller. Thus, these two people are less likely to inherit the throne, even if they inherit, they are afraid that they will become other people’s puppets.

This was also a situation where Liu Bei didn’t have many options, so it was only possible for the oldest son to inherit the throne.

Furthermore in ancient times there was a rule, that the eldest son would be crowned Prince, Liu Bei could not violate this rule, otherwise it would cause internal turmoil within the Shu country, especially before. there were precedents such as the son of Yuan Shao rebelling in an attempt to usurp the throne.

Actually Liu Bei had considered before making this decision, and the things he thought about at that time were also verified.

Actually when he was a child, Luu Thien was also very intelligent, but didn’t understand why after he grew up he became useless, moreover, his greatest advantage is that he is extremely obedient to Zhuge Liang, essentially He does what he does.

Initially in this way, Liu Thien was able to maintain Thuc relatively well, only regretting that when he was no longer with his military master, he could not afford his responsibility on his own.

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