Faker: There is a Chinese team that is willing to pay 170 billion / year to own a Korean player

Because you missed the appointment Worlds 2020, the end of the year Faker devoted to taking a break as well as participating in some promotional activities, interviews or gameshow. Recently, he appeared in the program You Quiz with “National MC” Yoo Jae Suk.

During this talk show, Faker shared a lot about the milestones in his career, including the victories and failures that the Demon King has experienced. He also said that it would be difficult for another player to reach the number of titles that he himself had in the near future.

With 3 Worlds championships, 2 MSI and 9 LCK titles, Faker is truly the king of League of Legends. When talking about career corners, Faker was quite open, however, by the time the MC mentioned his salary story, Faker continued to refuse to answer.

However, the Demon King suddenly revealed that there is a Chinese team willing to pay up to 50 million yuan (about 170 billion VND) in salary to get the services of a Korean player. Faker’s revelation immediately became a hot topic for discussion of the online community.

First, the biggest question the gamers asked was about the identity of the “Korean player” that was mentioned. Many opinions suggest that this person is Tarzan, who is rumored to join LPL in 2021. However, some other theories suggest that Faker is referring to his own case, because the fact that 50 million yuan is too much compared to the salary level at LPL.

Faker There is a Chinese team that is willing to pay 170 billion year to own a Korean player | Esports

Mlxg once revealed that there aren’t any players in the LPL whose salaries exceed 30 million yuan a year, so for a Chinese team to be willing to break the salary limit, it’s only. Only Faker can afford it.

Even when he is not at the peak of his performance, the brand value and influence of Faker are still extremely great, so having an LPL team that wants to own him with “heavenly” remuneration is also a matter. very normal, and even this is not the first time, other regions are willing to spend tons of money with the will of Faker’s service.

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