Faker had a hard expression when he met Akali in real life, the fans teased: ‘The performance of the Chairman is only worth Silver IV’

Recently, T1 continues to launch a promotional clip for the brand of Samsung partner, and as usual Faker is the indispensable face. The product advertised this time is a virtual reality simulation application called Jump AR.

This application allows to reconstruct images of virtual characters in extremely vivid 3D on the user’s mobile screen. In the T1 commercial, Faker had a meeting with General Akali – One of the “victims” of “Holy nerf”.

In general, Jump AR is not a breakthrough technology product, because the trend of virtual reality has been present for many years, and many other mobile applications have allowed users to interact with characters. virtual in the same manner.

However, what makes this advertising clip more vivid, is the extremely difficult role-playing of Faker. At first, the Chairman was very surprised and surprised to see Akali appear in real life, and then acted “very deep” when doing the move to avoid the sickle dance of this general.

Why is playing so fast when playing games, but acting is so stiff, Chairman?

But the funny thing is that Faker’s expression is more or less the same, when the guy from the beginning to the end can only laugh and not express the emotions that the “director” requires. It seems that the Chairman himself has to try hard not to laugh at his “overplay”.

Faker had a hard expression when he met Akali in real life the fans teased The performance of the Chairman is only worth Silver IV | Esports

Pretend to be scared

Witnessing the commercial look very amateur but actually extremely amusing, the fan community was once again able to submerge Faker when commenting that: “Faker can qualify for Challenges in League of Legends, but grading acting is all we are reluctant to give you rank … Silver IV.”

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