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Faker countryman declared “quit game” Lien Quan, the AOV community knew what was the cause

Not Thailand, Taiwan or Vietnam, but Korea is the championship zone Arena of valor world for the first time in history. This title became even more special when AWC 2018 was hosted by Tencent in the US. The expectation of AOV to rise to become a globally popular eSports sport is clearly seen in Tencent’s decisions. But after 4 years of existence and development, Arena of valor Only really maintaining heat in a few areas considered “minor” of the eSports world.

Rush – rare legend of Lien Quan world village but not from Southeast Asia or Taiwan.

Since the day Riot announced the Open Beta Alliance: Toc War in a series of Southeast Asian countries as well as Japan, Korea, people have witnessed an unprecedented “redirect” wave. A series of cult KOLs of the MOBA game village have chosen Speed ​​Chien as a new direction to bring more fans and “eyes”. For the World League of Nations community, the most popular names ever to say goodbye to AOV are Zane, BM Gaming team – North America, TXO (old SMG), or a series of MAD players (old) like Benny, Star, Winds, ..

Faker countryman declared quit game Lien Quan the AOV community knew what was the cause | Mobile & Social

The AWC 2018 Champion publicly played Speed ​​Chien since the 2nd Closed Beta.

And the next famous name of the world AOV village declares that the break with this game is Rush. This Korean guy won AWC 2018 and appeared in the next AIC, AWC. But now, the charm of Express Chien as well as a series of failures with the management team made this guy publicly “pause” RoV.

“Everything has to end and I think it’s time for me to part with ROV. The game meta is always changing. I have to try not to be left behind. Everyone has been supporting me all the time. over and I want to do what people expect.

Faker countryman declared quit game Lien Quan the AOV community knew what was the cause | Mobile & Social

Rush announced his farewell to the RoV player career from November 4.

I apologize for not being able to get good results back. I apologize for disappointing everyone. It’s sad that I don’t finish it for the best, but in the last matches I’d say I never give up. Lastly, thank you to everyone who loved and supported me. “

Rush is one of the professional AOV players that has a great deal of interest in Speed ​​Chi. This guy and his countryman HAK have managed a group of Korean gamers who share a passion for Riot’s game.

Faker countryman declared quit game Lien Quan the AOV community knew what was the cause | Mobile & Social

Rush broke up with Lien Quan, but his career opened up with Speed ​​War.

Now, after failing in the AIC round of Thailand with EVOS, Rush … is unemployed. If he continues to play professionally, this guy still has to wait for someone to sign a contract with him, but this is not easy. RPL 2021 also 3 – 4 more to return. Therefore, the decision to retire from fellow Faker to switch to other eSports is also reasonable.

Currently, Korean gamers are also crazy about Riot’s MOBA game project and a series of content creators on Youtube and Facebook are also targeting this game. Rush broke up with Lien Quan, the ability of Speed ​​War will bring something positive for his streamer career.

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