Facebook Messenger updates Face ID / Touch ID authentication

Although this feature was mentioned by Facebook in the previous June update, it took until yesterday for Facebook to officially activate the ability to lock the Messenger app using the security authentication methods available on the iPhone. / iPad for Vietnamese users. This new feature is currently only being updated for users of iOS devices.

With the new app lock feature, you can use Face ID, Touch ID or screen lock password for Facebook Messenger every time you open the app.

To enable app lock, you first need to update the Facebook Messenger app to the latest version on the App Store (currently version 272.0). Then access the application, touch your avatar icon in the upper left corner of the screen (as shown), navigate to the option “Privacy” (Privacy) and select the item “App lock”.

Facebook Messenger updates Face ID Touch ID authentication | Mobile

Next, enable the app lock feature by turning this option on and allowing the app to use Face ID / Touch ID to unlock. Besides these two authentication methods, users can also use the screen unlock password to unlock the Messenger application. The application also allows users to customize when will require application authentication.

Facebook Messenger updates Face ID Touch ID authentication | Mobile

That’s it, from now on anyone with access to your device will not be able to open the Messenger application to read messages. This is supposed to be a solution that helps users protect their privacy from bad guys. Note that this feature is only updated for the iOS operating system only, in the future Android may also be updated with similar features.

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