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Facebook is constantly changing, what stable direction for online businesses?

A series of large groups ‘flying colors’, many posts and comments hidden

The first noise broke out on October 13 when a series of reputable groups on Facebook with hundreds of thousands, even more than million members such as Dota2vn, Cat Island, .. suddenly deleted forever without disclosing the cause. . On October 21, the community using the social network Facebook got a wave again when it was unable to comment or interact with posts on this platform. Many users commenting on articles with 2 or more images may have errors and cannot comment.

News Feed display error has a serious impact

After many problems, on the evening of October 26, the online community, especially online business people on Facebook, panicked when the posts containing many pictures were split into one-by-one articles. Articles are displayed chronologically from new to old, not based on accounts that frequently interact as before. Not stopping there, Facebook also repeatedly displays a post from a random group or fanpage when users surf the News Feed.

After the recent consecutive user data leak scandals, the world’s largest social network has made many moves to tighten policies, restrict the use of Custom Objects, block APIs … Advertisers, online businesses, or businesses are “putting eggs together in one basket”, too dependent on Facebook to suffer, even to stop working. So what should businesses do to avoid risks and uncertainties in the future?

Own website – sustainable choice, reputable “ID card” in the online market that businesses need to focus on?

In essence, Facebook is only a semi-owned platform, meaning that businesses own only part of their customer information. Facebook is the one who holds the “grip”. Therefore, when there is any change, you will suffer more disadvantages than anyone else if you decide to choose Facebook as the main channel.

Facebook is constantly changing what stable direction for online businesses | Tech ice tea

Therefore, it is no coincidence that 90% of businesses when changing their online business start from designing a reputable and professional website. More than a sales tool, the website is also like an identity card introducing the name, address and brand identity of the company on the virtual market.

In fact, according to research by Gravity Digital, 90% of customers consider website to be a reliable channel and not as unstable as other online channels. Accordingly, more than 94% of consumers tend to learn the company online – ie website of the business before making a purchase decision. And 75% of them admit that they rate the credibility of any business based on their own website. Without a website or unprofessional website, your business has lost a significant part of the trust from buyers.

Facebook is constantly changing what stable direction for online businesses | Tech ice tea

If there is a loyal employee who works 24/7, does not ask for a raise, does not need a vacation, does not divide sales, and is always dedicated to taking care of customers anytime, anywhere, regardless of day and night, it is definitely a website. your.

This tool also helps to display thousands of products without worrying about rental costs, store setup, recruitment fees, advertising banners to attract customers … With the integrated Marketing Automation system (CRM / Email / Chat) right on the website, you can save maximum time connecting API with other features. At the same time, minimize the technical risks and the risk of data theft in the process of synchronizing skills on the website.

The Internet is like a “phone book”, more and more people are using the website to search for information, buy products or services. If you’re not there, your competitor will be there. If you are not in the “Phone book”, how will customers find you?

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