Facebook has ‘set’ more permissions to delete user data

When users are still excited about the change of Animated Avatar, Facebook has started to announce the new terms of use of this social network, effective from October 1.

“We may also remove or restrict access to your content, services or information, if we determine that this action helps Facebook avoid or minimize legal problems or impacts. ”, Quote Facebook’s new terms of use.

This term is added to Section 3.2 of the Facebook Social Network Terms of Use. Previously, Facebook only prohibited users from sharing content that violated the Community Standards. From there, this social network will proceed to remove non-infringing but ‘sensitive’ content when there are too many bad reports (reports) or at the request of the authorities, although both of these are very rare. happening.

Facebook has set more permissions to delete user data | Internet

The new provision added to Section 3.2 gives Facebook the freedom to determine content and its users.

This new provision, however, gives Facebook full authority to remove content and block usernames, if the social network senses a threat to the law. As such, Facebook has given itself the ability to post-check and delete anything that has, is or will cause this social network to suffer.

This could be a move to protect himself from the threat of President Donald Trump’s decree signed at the end of May. Accordingly, Mr. Trump’s decree is aimed at companies protected under Section 230 of the Dao. Communication law. These companies are social networks that help spread news without the responsibility of censoring information like Twitter or Facebook.

Another opinion said that Facebook updated this clause to avoid the troubles the company has in Australia, where the government has just introduced a bill requiring big companies like Facebook and Google to share advertising revenue. for news publishers or press agencies.

If so, Facebook can completely block any article link that this social network wants. Similar to the fact that links to black, malicious websites are blocked from sharing (including private messaging) today on Facebook.

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