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Facebook dismissed employee protests Mark Zuckerberg

Brandon Dail, a Seattle user interface engineer, announced on Twitter about being fired for publicly criticizing a colleague who refused to support the Black Lives Matter operation. His tweet was posted a day after joining dozens of employees, including six other engineers on the same team, refusing to work and tweeting against Zuckerberg’s treatment of President Trump’s controversial article. .

Facebook confirmed to have fired Dail, but did not provide further information. Earlier, the company had said it would not retaliate against employees who participated in the protests.

President Trump’s article caused a lot of mixed opinions when using the phrase “gun fire when plundering began”. The United States experienced many riots across the country after George Floyd, a black man, was killed by police on May 25. Twitter has labeled Mr. Trump’s post on the platform because of inciting violence. Meanwhile, Facebook chose the opposite.

Zuckerberg defended his decision at the meeting with all employees. Meanwhile, Dail tweeted that “today clearly shows leadership refuses to stand with us”. This week, Dail once again protested when Facebook and Twitter refused to act against Trump’s post containing conspiracy theories about Martin Gugino, a 75-year-old protester who was seriously injured by police.

Technology companies in Silicon Valley encourage internal dissent but are accused of punishing organizational staff for protesting or publicly criticizing. In 2019, Google once fired 5 people and Amazon also fired critics of working conditions at the warehouse during an epidemic.

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