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Extremely silly game bugs destroyed the top LoL and eSports tournaments in regret

Errors and glitches have always been a part of video games, and despite many years of effort, developers have yet to find a way to truly control them. Usually, these errors will only cause funny, harmless situations and be shared on youtube. But there are also cases that have caused some more serious problems, ruining things of great value, such as mistakes made in esports tournaments. These errors can even cause damages to millions of dollars. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent examples where game errors have ruined esports tournaments.

Connection error of Warcraft 3: Reforged

According to Metacritic, Warcraft 3: Reforged is one of the worst games ever. The game was condemned for not complying with the promises that the advertising materials made. Reforged also clearly has errors associated with many players, and this error is a death knell for esports competitions.

A month after the game launched, Blizzard hosted a Reforged tournament at DreamHack Anaheim 2020, which attracted the biggest names in RTS. Unfortunately, the tournament that attracts a lot of followers has encountered a connection problem, which is quite understandable when Reforged is often caught in this error.

Desyncs and disconnections frequently occur during Warcraft 3: Reforged. The most striking example is in the match between Marcus “ThorZaIn” Eklӧf and Jang “Moon” Jae-ho, two players were disconnected when ThorZaIN was taking great advantage to win. A rematch was held and ThorZain once again took the lead, but once again the game was disconnected. It was not until the second rematch that Reforged kept the game connected, but this time the winner was Moon. This incident robbed ThorZaIN of a victory, which is a pity for him, although Moon is a top star, it is clear that connectivity issues have taken ThorZaIN’s victory.

Fifa physical error

Extremely silly game bugs destroyed the top LoL and eSports tournaments in regret | Game Online

Fifa is famous for its unique style of play based on its physical mechanics, but it does not always work smoothly. One of the most striking examples where physical problems in fifa appear is in the qualifiers for the FIFA 20 FUT Champions Cup. Guiseppe Guastella, who reached the Fifa 5 finals for LA Galaxy made a penalty kick, kicked the ball into the post, then bounced back into the opponent’s net. Obviously this is a perfectly valid goal, but it seems that Fifa game makers did not think so when Fifa 20 rejected this goal by Guiseppe Guastella.

This bug made Guiseppe Guastella unable to win the championship, and it ruined an entire tournament because of Fifa 20. gameplay errors. it will also prevent many other players from participating in Fifa tournaments.

Accident remember life at League of Legends tournament

Extremely silly game bugs destroyed the top LoL and eSports tournaments in regret | Game Online

Perhaps the organizers of esports tournaments need to come up with regulations soon to address game errors affecting games. Because no one can be sure that the tournament they are hosting may not be interrupted by errors coming from the game. If there are rules to deal with these undesirable situations, then the referees will be easier to make decisions that do not offend many people when the problem occurs.

A striking example of a controversial ruling from esports referees occurred during the North American League of Legends Championship 2018. In the match between Echo Fox and Clutch Gaming, the game crashed and the players had to restart. Normally, the Chronobreak tool would restore the server and let the game continue, but on that fateful day, Chronobreak was broken. Riot Games had to choose between two options: either organize a rematch or immediately decide which team won. Because Echo Fox was in the lead at the time, Riot declared Echo Fox the winner.

This decision angered many fans, although Clutch Gaming did not seem to have many opportunities to outrun rivals. However, the reality has proven that many teams have turned the tables in matches to win the final (such as Cloud9 in the 2019 LCS tournament), so no one can be sure whether Riot will give it. The decision was right or not, but clearly this incident ruined the tournament.

A physical error caused the PUBG tournament to be criticized by many

Extremely silly game bugs destroyed the top LoL and eSports tournaments in regret | Game Online

Most of us gamers know that PUBG has an extremely annoying physical mechanism. But that also doesn’t stop gamers from enjoying the game, and it doesn’t stop PUBG Corp from organizing tournaments, fortunately, these tournaments usually go smoothly, rarely encounter problems. big. But there is a ghost day, and PUBG’s physics has caused a wave of intense criticism of many gamers after the incident at the PIBG 2019 World Championship.

At this tournament, we saw Alex “CherryPoppins” Penner having a big problem when he was driving and trying to knock down an opponent by crashing into a building. Normally, the car will be stopped when hit an obstacle, then can catch fire, then the fire will grow and the car will explode. But unlucky for CherryPoppins when PUBG’s bizarre physical mechanism caused his car to bounce into the air after the collision, and when dropped, the car was one place, one place. The fall from a flying car didn’t kill CherryPoppins, but it left him standing in the middle of the map and becoming an attractive target for other gamers, causing him to say goodbye early to the tournament.

The accident from the CherryPoppins flying car will continue to prove to us that even with the biggest esports tournaments, glitches from the game are something no one can control.

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