Explore the nuclear bomb shelter of the American super-rich

The Survival Condo can accommodate 75 people for up to 5 years, shielding them from nuclear, chemical and biological threats while pampering them with luxuries including bars, custom libraries and pools according to needs.

Apartment in the shelter

The Atlas missile is America’s first intercontinental ballistic missile. The Atlas F, equipped with a thermonuclear warhead, was also the first missile to be launched from a vertical silo. These missiles were decommissioned in the 1960s, replaced by the more destructive Titan I and Titan II missiles.

Atlas F vaults are 65m deep, made of reinforced concrete and steel. The bunkers are designed to withstand a 10 kiloton nuclear explosion at a distance of half a mile while keeping their warhead missiles safe.

Atlas F’s 3.75 megaton warhead corresponds to 3,750 kilotons, and the Soviet bombs also become correspondingly stronger. That is why the US Air Force finally eliminated the Atlas vaults, which were no longer capable of protecting their missiles.

Explore the nuclear bomb shelter of the American super rich | Live

Because the Atlas is a liquid-fueled missile, the US Air Force must refuel it before launch. This cost them several minutes and sometimes even hours into the boot-up process, complicating the process. However, the US Air Force can immediately launch the Atlas F replacement solid-fuel missile.

A real estate developer bought a Kansas-based silo Atlas and turned it into a radioactive dust shelter. The 15-storey complex has accommodation for 75 people, divided into three types of apartments. The 335 square meter “attic” apartment costs $ 4.5 million, and the standard flat 167 square meter costs $ 3 million. Meanwhile, a “half-storey” apartment with an area of ​​83m2 costs $ 1.5 million. Each room comes standard with “premium stainless steel appliances”, Kohler bathroom fixtures and whirlpool bathtubs.

Explore the nuclear bomb shelter of the American super rich | Live

The living room has a “virtual window”

The shared amenities are where the complex really shines. There is a general store with sundries, a climbing wall, a video game complex complete with Pac-Man control panels, a gym, an indoor shooting range, a park dogs, a classroom, a library, a custom bar and a movie theater.

The complex also has a 5-year food supply per person, hydroponic and aquaculture areas, and water storage.

Silo is not considered to be able to withstand a direct hit from modern nuclear weapons, and property developers are not claiming to be. However, they say their air purification systems can protect against nuclear, chemical and biological pollution.

The filters will also prevent COVID-19 from entering the complex, although there is nothing stopping an apartment owner from carrying the virus with them. The dome covers can withstand winds up to 500 miles per hour, providing shelter from the strongest tornadoes.

As long as the residents live discreetly, the complex is said to be able to protect against a turbulent, civil war in the country. Just remember: food supplies are limited to five years and the pool may not last for that length.

The exact location of the Survival Condo is kept secret for security purposes, although if someone really wants to find out, there is a list of 21 Atlas F vaults in Kansas, along with GPS coordinates for each. .

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