Explaining the ending of The Last Of Us episode 6: Joel’s life is hanging by a hair

Episode 6 of the TV series The Last Of Us, which aired on February 20, ended with a famous episode, along with a lot of changes in the relationship between the main character duo Joel and Ellie. Much of this episode focuses on his journey to Jackson, Wyoming, where Joel reunites with his younger brother, Tommy.

After a lot of conflicts and inner struggles, Joel decided to continue taking Ellie to Eastern Colorado University. This was one of many Fireflies bases, and the two hoped they knew what to do with Ellie’s immunity to Cordyceps. However, welcoming them in this place is a lot of unexpected incidents, with new enemies that put Joel’s life on the line.

Who are the guys who attacked Joel and Ellie?

Joel and Ellie clashed with a group of strangers during the search for the Fireflies at Eastern Colorado University – Photo: Internet.

In the final segment of episode 6, Joel and Ellie were confronted by a group of strangers on the campus of Eastern Colorado University. This episode does not reveal the identity of this group, but compared to the game series The Last Of Uswe can find out who attacked Joel and his nephew and what role they play in the upcoming episodes.

Based on the game’s storyline, it is likely that this is a group of barbarian cannibals led by a man named David. In the original, Ellie once encountered David and James, his right hand, while out looking for food. David shared with Ellie that some of his group had been attacked and killed by a young man and teenage girl.

He then kidnaps Ellie, reveals himself to be a cannibal, and wants her to join his party. However, before Ellie’s determined shake of the head, David was furious and wanted to kill her. Meanwhile, after realizing many irregularities, Joel immediately set out to rescue Ellie, but she handled everything on her own before he arrived. Experiencing one of the most traumatic events since leaving the Boston quarantine, Ellie broke down sobbing in Joel’s arms, and this was also the first moment he really considered her like a child. his own daughter.

Joel’s fate after the fatal stab

Explaining the ending of The Last Of Us episode 6 Joel s life is hanging by a hair | Living

Whether Joel is really gone is one of the biggest questions left by The Last Of Us episode 6 – Photo: Internet.

During the war at Eastern Colorado University, Joel was accidentally stabbed in the stomach while engaged in confrontation with the enemy. Immediately after fleeing to safety, he immediately collapsed and fell into a state of unconsciousness. Episode 6 ends with Ellie’s sobs, along with the audience’s anxiety about the fate of her companion.

However, compared to the original series, although he was seriously injured, Joel only passed out because of blood loss, not his last breath. His condition forces Ellie to be independent in the near future, constantly going out in search of food, medicine as well as medical equipment to treat Joel, thereby accidentally encountering David and his group of people. .

Why did Joel decide to continue accompanying Ellie?

Explaining the ending of The Last Of Us episode 6 Joel s life is hanging by a hair | Living

The relationship between Joel and Ellie has improved a lot in episode 6 of The Last Of Us – Photo: Internet.

Joel’s inner struggle is one of the main themes in the latest episode of The Last Of UsS. After meeting Tommy again, Joel decided to let his younger brother escort Ellie to Eastern Colorado University, and he himself wanted to leave her, despite the two people living together for many months.

This episode also delves deeper into Joel’s psychological problems, as he sometimes has unusual panic attacks. That stems from his fear of failure after being unable to protect his daughter Sarah and close friend Tess. Their deaths still haunt Joel, causing him to feel pressure and fear whenever Ellie is in danger. That was the main reason he wanted to give her back to Tommy.

However, the conversation between the two brothers Joel was accidentally overheard by Ellie, thereby leading to the fiercest argument between the duo since the first episode to date. Also in this argument, Joel admitted that he really cares about Ellie, instead of just treating her as a commodity as before. After all, Joel became more open-minded, more enthusiastic, and eventually felt comfortable bringing Ellie to Eastern Colorado University himself.

Will the two brothers Joel and Tommy still reunite in the future?

Explaining the ending of The Last Of Us episode 6 Joel s life is hanging by a hair | Living

Two brothers, Joel and Tommy, had to separate when they just met – Photo: Internet.

Finding Tommy has always been one of Joel’s most important goals since The Last Of Us first episode. However, just after completing this goal, the two cousins ​​had to part ways, because Joel needed to bring Ellie to the Fireflies, and Tommy wanted to stay in his familiar town.

Although episode 6 brought a “more or less good” ending for Joel, if the TV version still sticks to the original game series, the audience can rest assured about a reunion between the two cousins ​​in the series. future. Tommy plays a pretty important role in the game The Last Of Us II, so it is likely that we will see this character more through season 2 or season 3 of the HBO series.

The girl who silently observes Ellie will probably be a particularly important character in The Last Of Us season 2?

Explaining the ending of The Last Of Us episode 6 Joel s life is hanging by a hair | Living

Although it only appeared briefly, it is likely that this will be an important character in the life of Ellie in particular and The Last Of Us in general – Photo: Internet.

During the first meal with Tommy and Maria at Jackson, Ellie did not hesitate to yell at a girl who was watching her from afar. This character only appeared for less than 10 seconds on the small screen, and did not have any lines, but could completely play an important role in future seasons of the series. The Last Of Us.

Based on the shape as well as the scenario, this could be Dina, one of the main characters of the game. The Last Of Us Part II, and is also Ellie’s lover later. The original game series revealed that the two first met while Ellie was dining at Jackson. Besides, although not officially confirmed, but producers Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin did not deny that this character is Dina. After all, the fact that Dina appeared in the TV version of The Last Of Us it’s only a matter of time, unless HBO wants to exploit a completely different scenario than the original games.

Monkeys at Eastern Colorado University’s lab

Explaining the ending of The Last Of Us episode 6 Joel s life is hanging by a hair | Living

The monkeys that appeared on the campus of Eastern Colorado University are an easter egg related to The Last Of Us game series – Photo: Internet.

One of the weirdest elements in episode 6 of The Last Of Us was the appearance of monkeys at Eastern Colorado University, when this place was no longer inhabited. They “occupy” the entire campus area and even freely move or play inside the lecture hall and other abandoned classrooms.

According to Joel’s explanation, the monkeys most likely came from old laboratories at Eastern Colorado University. It’s not clear if HBO is planning something bigger for them, but this could be an interesting easter egg for fans of the show. The Last Of Us. The segment of two uncles, Joel and Ellie talking and interacting with monkeys is built almost exactly like the original, with accurate dialogue to every word.

Where is the Fireflies Guild now?

Explaining the ending of The Last Of Us episode 6 Joel s life is hanging by a hair | Living

Joel and Ellie were one step behind and missed the Fireflies in the 6th episode of The Last Of Us – Photo: Internet.

As mentioned above, Joel took Ellie to Eastern Colorado University to find the Fireflies, hoping to be able to make a drug to treat the fungus Cordyceps from Ellie’s immunity. However, this place has been abandoned, with many indications that the Fireflies had moved to another location a short time ago.

Based on the map that Joel observed, plus the original game series, it can be confirmed that the Fireflies are currently gathered at the hospital. Saint Mary, Salt Lake City. This is considered a “teasing” detail for the final episode of The Last Of Us the first season, when Joel discovers the truth behind the potion treatment Fireflies wanted to conduct based on Ellie. With 3 episodes yet to air, it can be said that the day when Joel confronts Marlene as well as this organization is not far away.



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