Experiencing Facebook’s metaverse: as empty and lifeless as the VR world they created

Based on the experience of editor Zack Zwiezen, news site Kotaku.

Metaverse is considered the future, and that is what has made it special and has made the world excited and excited in the past time. However, the interesting point is that the misuse of the phrase “future” has caused videos about the digital world from a long time ago to suddenly receive a lot of attention on social networking platforms. Simply put, few people understand what the metaverse really is. So even a low-quality video, talking about a dingy digital universe with graphics worse than Roblox or Minecraft, makes it easy for them to mistake it for “the future”, the metaverse.

For example, a few days ago, a video introducing Facebook/Meta 2019 suddenly became extremely viral on Twitter. It brings a rather ‘disgusting’ social virtual reality application called Horizon Worlds. Just like that, everyone thought it was a new product of Facebook, but the truth was not. Somehow, metaverse spoofs are getting so much attention in an absurd way.

The VR Horizon Worlds app ad has gone viral in recent days because it was mistaken for a metaverse.

Back to this Horizon Worlds video. The idea that it brings is quite good, opening up a large space where people can do whatever they want with friends from all over the world. However, the image quality is the complete opposite, both artificial and annoying. The “humans” inside Horizon Worlds are just incomplete bodies floating in the air, always wearing a stiff smile and sometimes no teeth.

Well, to see if the actual experience is any different from that video, I decided to jump into this virtual world for myself once. After the beta version launched last year, Horizon Worlds was officially launched for all users and completely free in the past month. The first few hours of my visit, I made some new friends, played some boring games, and talked about all sorts of worldly things. It’s been a rather strange experience, and I suppose it’s the same feeling when we take our first steps into the nightmare metaverse.

After creating my profile picture and going through a few brief but very concise instructions, I was taken to the main lobby of Horizon. Since the test is at 1 am, I am not sure how many people I will meet here. Besides, how many people really want to roam in a world of “half-season matrix” of Facebook? The answer, surprisingly, is a lot of people! I should have guessed, because sales of VR headsets Oculus Quest during this year’s festival season “fly” so much.

Quite surprising how many people use this app.

When I got there, I saw several groups of people playing in different areas. I immediately ran to the nearest group of people who help coordinate app events and welcome and guide new users to Horizon. In addition, they also support technical issues. Since this app uses voice-chat, I purposely got a little closer and eavesdropped on their conversation. And it’s so weird guys!

“…That’s why he fell. Quite serious, broken leg. He’s still in a coma for a few more weeks,” shared one person.

U is heaven!‘, that’s the community guide’s reaction to this story.

But he finally woke up. It’s really a miracle, and he’s here to play with us right now”, continued the narrator, before the main character, who had broken his leg and was in a coma, spoke up: “I almost died of garlic“.

I skillfully slipped into this group of people and remained absolutely silent, until the instructor waved at me and inquired about my situation. I explained that I was fine, asked a few polite questions to the guy who fell and the reason why he had such a serious accident, because I hadn’t heard it before. Next, two more people joined us, and the conversation quickly changed as everyone introduced themselves and joked about each other’s bodyless avatars.

Next, I spent more time running around in this hall. Someone asked me if I knew how to use the app’s tools to build something. I explained that I was a “new ghost”, and thanks to VR, I could see what sadness looks like when they express their disappointment at not being able to build their own palace in Horizon. .

Experiencing Facebook s metaverse as empty and lifeless as the VR world they created | Apps/Games

Horizon Worlds allows people to chat and drop interact with each other in virtual reality.

Another group of people gathered to tell ghost stories. Suddenly, a kid (I guess) ran straight at us, replayed the meme “Sheeeesshhh” and then “turned the car around”, dashed towards a big tree and climbed it using the translation controls. teleport. After a few minutes of bewilderment, we are back with creepy ghost stories.

When the group left, I returned to the community guide’s location. She is very kind and willing to help anyone with sound problems on their headphones. I asked a few random questions, like why is it almost the end of January and the hall is still decorated with a Christmas theme? She burst out laughing and replied:Everyone asks me that, and I don’t know!

She seemed a little annoyed, so I apologized and continued to wonder if Facebook or Meta were paying her. At this point, she seems to be more cautious and hesitant when talking to me. That prompted me to change the subject immediately, but she’d already slipped into other groups of people. Chasing seemed a bit odd, so I didn’t.

In my opinion, Facebook has sent community instructors to monitor Horizon Worlds and keep the atmosphere here as comfortable as possible. Very rarely do I hear someone swearing or telling sensitive jokes. Although the number of people coming and going is quite large, the space here is less “toxic” than I thought, especially when compared to Facebook itself today. Perhaps having to chat online by voice with many other people makes netizens more polite? Or was it the community facilitator who contributed to this?

At one point, someone who had been chatting with me for over an hour asked me to quit a zombie game with his friend. I agree with a simple hand gesture, and it’s probably the worst zombie shooting game I’ve ever experienced. The characters of this game are horribly frozen, can’t move and look like a buggy version of Roblox. This is obviously a pretty popular community creation, but it’s not good at all. But anyway, it is still released for free, easy to play and not too violent, suitable for even young children. However, I gave up just 10 minutes later. There’s nothing cool to do when you have to go out and play a terrible game with 14 year olds.

Experiencing Facebook s metaverse as empty and lifeless as the VR world they created | Apps/Games

Super bad zombie shooting game that I gave up after only 10 minutes.

Before I left, I asked everyone why they came to this place. Some people admit that they don’t know what else to play, others meet their “matches” here, and that’s the way they use to talk and interact with each other in the context of the pandemic. When I mentioned other VR applications that were better, more beautiful, more realistic feeling, many people were bewildered and not very interested. They think such apps are a bit “wild”.

However, the weirdest answer I got was that because they love Facebook, Messenger and Instagram so much, they take Horizon Worlds for granted. This is where they and their friends socialize. This is a bit of a surprise, perhaps because I’ve only talked to Facebook haters and the company’s “dramas” in the last few years.

After finishing my Horizon Worlds experience, I consider Facebook/Meta the worst company in VR and software. Horizon is not too bad, but it is quite empty, boring, far behind VRChat or Rec Room. However, perhaps for many people, this is not so important, and they are very excited to join the “matrix” of metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg is about to create.

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