Experience Three Kingdoms AFK – Looks simple, but the tactical gameplay is extremely addictive

Can see Three Kingdoms AFK is a mobile game with the theme of Tam Quoc is easy to play and suitable for those who want to find a fighting game with many elements of PK hands free. Unlike its predecessors, Three Kingdoms AFK brings a new style, creating a sense of comfort for mobile users.

Especially with beautiful 3D hero creation, eye-catching skill depictions, with the innovation in the way of implementing the 5vs5 vertical screen-style lineup that the product has eliminated some of the confusion. Not required in gameplay.

Experience Three Kingdoms AFK Looks simple but the tactical gameplay is extremely addictive | GameK

Because it is a 3Q story game, the interface is the castle setting that evokes a lot of emotions with fans of strategy games. It can be seen that the game focuses a lot on small details but creates a lively scene such as soldiers guarding, people moving or clouds drifting in the distance. The skill effects of the generals are portrayed vividly with a series of realistic sound and visual effects, creating more excitement when fighting.

In terms of gameplay, Tam Quoc AFK Mobile still delves into the typical features inherent in the tactical general fighting game series. Here, gamers will work with their generals through different gates to bring valuable trophies.

In the process of fighting, players need to select and arrange the positions of the general in a reasonable 5-box formation. It is known that in the current version of the game, the game offers more than 60 generals divided equally among 5 categories, including Spear, Shield, Bow, Muzzle, Tri, the role of Gong, Defense, and extremely magical support in the battle. Just like that, with each different match will activate the hidden attributes as well as the completely different combo.

Experience Three Kingdoms AFK Looks simple but the tactical gameplay is extremely addictive | GameK

With a huge store of features, the Three Kingdoms AFK knows how players can slowly penetrate by gradually opening up after each player’s maturity level. In addition to the basic features such as recruiting generals, upgrading squads, the game also has many other functions for you to foster and develop generals such as unlocking skills, stimulating charm, awakening, raising stars, enhancing makeup. being, inlaid with martial souls, braids, … enough for players to freely plow and increase their combat power without worrying about nothing.

Of course, with many such power-up features, the classic Three Kingdoms game also offers a lot of challenges for players. It can be mentioned as a series of copies, the tower with increasing difficulty divided into 3 levels of Normal, Tinh Anh and Difficult will definitely cause many gamers to calculate carefully, apply flexible strategies. exceed 3 stars.

Not stopping there, the activities of Khieu Chien Danh Tuong, Crossing the Barbarian, Doc Truong Ban, Experimenting Tower Floor, Thao punishing the thief, and Martial Arts School have much higher difficulty. Corresponding to each of these wins will be a lot of attractive gifts waiting for you to pass.

Experience Three Kingdoms AFK Looks simple but the tactical gameplay is extremely addictive | GameK

Tam Quoc AFK also offers many unique PvP features that help players to freely exchange and try each other. It can be mentioned as the war hero, Dat Bao, Bang war, … v … v … All create an interesting virtual world of Three Kingdoms, challenging the best tactical players.

Especially when playing this game, you do not have to think too much about the configuration issue, whether the operating system is eligible to experience the game or not when the game owns the installer and requires extremely light.

In addition, the game interface is arranged in a streamlined vertical screen style, along with fast gameplay will help mobile users easily manipulate and capture the rhythm of the game!

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