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Experience the super product “3D God War” has just launched hot hand

The game is quite good 3D god of war has just launched Vietnamese gamers at 10am today on 02/04/2020.

3D god of war is the make-up version of Dao Kiem Vo Song, a game that has made the Vietnamese gaming community stand still and restless throughout 2019 because of the breakthrough in gameplay, as well as the beauty from the high quality 3D graphics platform. amount. The return of this 3D Goddess was fully entrusted by NPH with full confidence in continuing to create a top level playing field for Vietnamese players in 2020.

Experience the super product 3D God War has just launched hot hand | Mobile & Social

The game belongs to the martial role-playing genre with beautiful full 3D graphics inspired by the Silkroad blockbuster (Silk Road), which immerses you in the vast Wanderer with the highest combat breakthrough features . Chien Than 3D is confident enough to knock down all the barriers ahead to bring to the lovers of the MMORPG role-playing game a level playing field in Vietnamese gaming industry.

It is no coincidence that millions of Vietnamese gamers spend time waiting for the 3D God War experience, instead of choosing dozens of other games that are operating on the market. First of all, not to mention the terrible graphics that this game owns, which is the foundation for making character movements or skill effects much more magical. Light and detailed movement of the character is optimized, through which martial arts movements, fighting when the character moves are simulated close to real life.

Experience the super product 3D God War has just launched hot hand | Mobile & Social

Possessing advanced Unreal Engine graphics technology, a rare 3D graphics platform on the market, with a breakthrough in gameplay. 3D god makes any gamer can not resist the “happiness” in the first experience the tactics, visual effects game brings. The effects, images are virtualized beyond the imagination of the player.

Not stopping there, the small details are also meticulously elaborated, from the appearance of the character, the costume to the lighting effects around the weapons and characters. The mounts and the images around the characters are beautiful as long as they are shimmering, elaborate, smooth.

Next, the flexibility in the game is also a valuable factor for the player, the game allows the player to flexibly swap 2 of the 5 weapons to unleash a powerful combo skill to kill the opponent. in the blink of an eye. Besides, players can comfortably control moving characters to avoid, in and out of the right player action game quality.

Experience the super product 3D God War has just launched hot hand | Mobile & Social

What distinguishes the 3D God of War from many games in the same line is the feature that allows a character to carry 2 different weapons in real combat, instead of 1 character carrying a specific weapon. . Of course, carrying two different weapons when fighting, will help gamers who love the breakthrough in using skills can show off their innate talent.

Do not follow the same old path as many other games, 3D God War priority put “thinking and skills” of gamers on top of the long-term game development. The fact that a character can use 2 different weapons, along with 10 separate skills when on duty will help players maximize their PK level.

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