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Experience the HT11 online UPS product line: Compact UPS with impressive performance

This online UPS is considered to be a high-end power saving solution, with many outstanding advantages such as: high power factor, support for smart slots, communication ports and protection modes. interface UPS. HT11 is the representative of 1-phase online UPS product line from INVT, clearly showing the difference above, and at the same time, the product has impressive performance when compared to other products in the same segment.

HT11 Series Tower Online UPS with a capacity of 6kVA provides continuous and stable power

Experience the HT11 online UPS product line Compact UPS with impressive performance | Digital toys

On the back of the 6kVA HT11 UPS is integrated with many convenient and optional connection ports

One of them is the UPS HT11 Series Tower Online capacity of 6kVA. This is a dual-converter online UPS series that integrates DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology and advanced 3-level IGBT technology, delivering up to 95% efficiency. With its compact design and high power factor, the 6kVA HT11 Series Tower Online is a uninterruptible power supply, ideal for computers, telecommunications equipment and sensitive electronic devices. In addition, HT11 Series Tower Online 6kVA capacity also has HT1106XS series (built-in battery) and HT1106XL (not integrated battery) that allows users to configure external batteries as desired.

Experience the HT11 online UPS product line Compact UPS with impressive performance | Digital toys

UPS HT1106XL – one of the outstanding products in the series HT11 from INVT

The optimized internal circuit boards that make the size extremely compact are the first highlight of this high-end power storage product line. With the HT1106XL version with a capacity of 6kVA, but the width – length – height is only 190 x 426 x 336 mm, half of the conventional computer case. Compactness in any situation also brings convenience in installation and operation in server rooms, telecom centers that are often limited in space.

Another plus point in the HT11 online UPS product line lies in the fully equipped connection ports, the control interface that ensures flexible response to all infrastructure management requirements of IT professionals. The front of the product is equipped with a screen with operation buttons to make it intuitive and convenient to grasp information and set operating modes. On the back side, the new generation UPS from INVT is equipped with RS232 port, protective switches to expansion ports such as: SNMP, USB, RS485, Dry Contacts, Parallel Kit and Intelligent. Slot (Smart slot) is used to install a network management card (NMC) and connect to remote monitoring systems.

Experience the HT11 online UPS product line Compact UPS with impressive performance | Digital toys

The screen and front panel control buttons provide an intuitive control interface

In addition to the compact size, full of ports, impressive performance is what makes the HT11 series an advantage. This is a 1-phase UPS with a power range of 6 – 20 kVA, integrated with DSP control technology to bring efficiency up to 95%, more efficient than 90 – 94% commonly found in products other online UPS. Power factor PF = 1, ie kVA = kW, shows the perfect conversion between input power and output power in this product line. In addition, the application of advanced 3-level IGBT technology helps to ensure compatibility with complex loads.

In addition, INVT’s 1-phase UPS products also incorporate advanced technologies to protect the system safety. The first is the High Pressure Pulse Suppression (TVSS) which plays a key role in ensuring device integrity that is accidentally spread by lightning. EMI / RFI Filter (EMI / RFI Filter) helps to eliminate interference in electronic devices, ensuring the necessary stability for sensitive, high value products.

HT11 series UPS is equipped with smart charge management technology, contributing to improve battery life. IT professionals also have a 12A removable charger installation port for more efficient operation with large capacity battery sources. System installation and expansion in this product line can be done easily when supporting up to 4 sets of parallel connection.

Experience the HT11 online UPS product line Compact UPS with impressive performance | Digital toys

The back of the product fully integrates the necessary connections and can be flexibly expanded through the optional connections.

The ability to manage energy and easily upgrade the online UPS lines of INVT promises to provide a solution that brings safety and high efficiency for technological infrastructure, electrical equipment sensitive to the grid. This factor in the long run will contribute to increase flexibility and stability for businesses in each stage of development, optimizing costs when expanding business scale.

Currently businesses, IT experts in Vietnam can order online UPS products of HT11 series and other high-end UPS products from INVT Group through DAT distributor. With more than 14 years of experience, DAT has developed a leading value ecosystem in the Vietnamese market in the areas of inverters – automation, elevator control, solar power, UPS and electrical storage. The combination of Vietnamese superiority and high efficiency in online UPS products from INVT Group and professional technical support and distribution services from DAT will certainly bring the best choice for customers.

For more information about the HT11 Series Tower online UPS series, please refer to the website Or contact hotline 1800 6567 (toll free) for advice and support.

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