Everything you need to know about The Witcher’s pre-series series coming out on Netflix

Recently, Netflix has unexpectedly confirmed that it will produce The Witcher: Blood Origin project – the prequel to the main series The Witcher and is set 1200 years before Geralt’s birth. It is known that this project will include 6 short episodes, revolving around the land of the continent before and during the Conjunction of Spheres. At the same time, it will explain the origins of the monster hunters as well as bring the story of the first witcher to appear on the Continent.

Although only a spin-off series, Blood Origin still plays an important role in the witcher universe in general. It will provide additional information on the sidelines, helping the audience, especially those new to monster hunters, to understand better when watching the next seasons of the main series. Although the first 8 episodes of season 1 did very well, there are still many terms, many events mentioned but not explained thoroughly, leaving many questions in the hearts of viewers. Blood Origin was released to fix this problem.

The success of The Witcher led Netflix to immediately launch two “spin-off” projects.

According to the production director of Declan de Barra, The Witcher: Blood Origin will focus on the following issues:

Race first lived on the Continent

In the world of witcher, there is no just historian. Each species has a story, has its own history, and creates many different versions of histories, even contradicting each other. According to Yarpen Zigrin (the dwarf he appeared in episode 6 of season 1), the first race to appear on the Continent was the Gnomes (dwarf gods), followed by the Dwarf (dwarfs) and Elves (elves / elves). Just like in the real world, disorganized migrations will lead to conflicts between races, and the Elf (aka Aen Seidhe) is the victor of the witcher world.

Everything you need to know about The Witcher s pre series series coming out on Netflix | Live

Yarrpen Zigrin said that the Gnomes were the first race to appear on the Continent.

After that, Elf started building a dream kingdom and living peacefully with nature. In a short story chapter, writer Andrzej Sapkowski – the father of the witcher, described the prosperity of the elf through the bitter flashback of Aen Seidhe Filavandrel: “We never cultivate the land, ”he heads to Geralt – whom he regards as the representative of humanity. “Unlike you people, we never hurt the soil with farm tools. The land has to pay 1 blood debt to you. The land gave us many precious gifts, and you deprived them with violence. For us, the earth is a symbol of reproduction and flowering, because the soil loves us”. This is the world that Blood Origin wants to depict – a world where Elves live in harmony with nature before humans arrive.

Closing Ceremony

Thinking that the Elves could peacefully dominate the Continent, the Killing Bridge event broke out and ruined everything. This is a mysterious phenomenon, when different worlds collide and create common portals. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, this event was recorded by a scholar named Adam Nivelle.

This major upheaval, commonly known as the Conjunction of the Spheres, occurred 1 and a half millennia ago. It was a cosmic collision between many parallel spaces, leading to many strange creatures being trapped here (Continent). For example, ghoul or graveir, monsters without a root are actually “relics” left by the Kaleidoscope event. The Elf race claimed that humans came to the Continent through this event, and even destroyed their world. In addition, the Elves also said that humans began to uncover magical secrets when the spaces collided.”.

Everything you need to know about The Witcher s pre series series coming out on Netflix | Live

The Bridging Event ended the Elf’s prosperity in the Continent.

Later, Adam Nivelle also confirmed that this is just “lies woven by non-human races”. In his view, all species claim to be the first humans on the continent, others are just illegal immigrants. However, there is ample evidence to show that the Elf had founded the first civilization in this land, and whether humans came from other places, through the fact of the Bridge or not.

In the novel version, Ciri has the opportunity to visit the Earth during different periods of time during the Camelot period. The implication of this detail is that humans lived on Earth, before being caught up in the Bridging event and appeared in the fantasy world of writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

No matter which version of the race is true, the Ket Cau event has led to an inevitable consequence: The war raged on the Continent. Elves are confident in their physical strength, but humans have a faster reproduction speed than them, and can easily crush them in numbers, pushing them to the edge of the world (Edge of the World). ). Set in the context of 1200 years ago, the Ket Cau event will certainly be one of the main content fully exploited by Blood Origin.

The introduction of the first witcher on the Continent

In addition to the battle with the Elves, humans also face a great difficulty in the Continent: These are ferocious monsters from other worlds through the fact of the Bridge. From ghoul, kikimora to auroch or sprite, all are direct threats to human life. Luckily, during this time, some people began to learn how to use magic to deal with creatures whose power was beyond the limit of ordinary people. It is possible that the first witcher was also among these people.

Everything you need to know about The Witcher s pre series series coming out on Netflix | Live

Blood Origin will explore the story of the first witcher to appear on the Continent.

The assumption is that witcher initially learns to enchant a necklace, so that it can vibrate whenever it senses the presence of magic. Thanks to this bracelet, plus the hard workouts every day, the witcher was able to begin accepting monster hunting contracts for bonuses.

However, that alone is not enough, because after all the witcher is just an ordinary person who knows how to use swords. The job of hunting monsters requires more than that. So they started studying mutagen – the process of mutating the body to enhance the senses, longevity and immune system. And after that, they passed on this knowledge to others, founded many schools of witcher and developed stronger.

The history of continental land still contains many mysteries that even the novel version does not fully explain. Therefore, Blood Origin can be seen as an opportunity for Netflix to unleash its creativity with the witcher universe, and also be an important springboard to make their main series more coherent and more attractive to world audience.

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