‘Every mammal takes about 12 seconds to go to the toilet’ – scientific research proving the rough but true

This is a common rule: “If you eat it, you must release it,” frankly, everyone must defecate. However, scientists have discovered that: “All mammals go to the toilet in the same amount of time”.

More specifically, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have found that regardless of the size of the animal, its faeces are twice as long as the rectum. That takes about 12 seconds for the stool to get rid of the waste. When I tested panda, elephant and wolf at the Atlanta Zoo, even the dogs at the park gave the same result.


Through observations and theoretical calculations of mechanics, researchers know that all mammals are subjected to the same pressure during defecation. They also found that larger animals travel more, but they themselves have thicker layers of mucus lining the intestinal wall, which helps to easily shed stool from the body.

Combining these two factors, we will get a fairly consistent analysis across the mammalian kingdom: Size does not matter, it is important that everyone takes 12 seconds to push the same.

 Every mammal takes about 12 seconds to go to the toilet scientific research proving the rough but true | Explore


In addition, a 2015 Nobel Prize study showed that all mammals urinate in the same amount of time (21 seconds)!

By studying the physical aspects of defecation, scientists hope their research will be applied to improve the health and agriculture sectors.

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