Even at Marvel’s home turf, Quicksilver can’t be faster than The Flash?

Known as the most famous speedster of both companies Marvel – DC, Quicksilver and Flash became a couple of situations when constantly being compared by fans on every front. So, is there any front that Quicksilver can win against Flash?

The answer is NO. And in today’s article, let’s analyze in different aspects whether it really is okay?

1. The highest speed

Quicksilver is one of Marvel’s most capricious … Specifically, in the Mighty Avengers, when running to the equator, his speed at that time was described as “faster than radio waves”, and this is Pietro’s record of speed ever. The transmission velocity of radio waves in a vacuum is equal to c, which is approximately 300,000 km / s, equal to the speed of light. But when traveling on Earth, obstructions from the environment such as air, water, terrain will reduce that speed again. Thus, the highest speed Pietro achieved was estimated to be “approximately the speed of light”.

Meanwhile, there are many cases where he only runs at speeds of mach 4 to mach 5, even exhausting after long distance running. As such, Quicksilver’s performance is extremely unstable.

Even at Marvel s home turf Quicksilver can t be faster than The Flash | Manga/Film

Quicksilver collapses from exhaustion, after long-distance running at mach 4.5 (Avengers: Millennium)

What about The Flash?

Most flashes are faster than Quicksilver. They are always associated with the speed of up to “the speed of light”, as if it is one of their slogan, including people who are always thought to be “only 20 times faster than the speed of sound” like Jay Garrick. In JSA # 17, Jay during the Post-crisis ran a circuit to the edge of Speed ​​Force, and the requirement to get to this place was “TOUCH LIGHT SPEED”.

Even at Marvel s home turf Quicksilver can t be faster than The Flash | Manga/Film

And even if he didn’t touch the Speed ​​Force, Jay Garrick was still a metahuman with super speed. He was fast enough to catch a car traveling at 100 mph, as well as catch bullets despite being at a great distance from the start.

2. On the front of a live action film

In the movies, comparing the Quicksilver version of the X-Men series with DCEU’s The Flash is certainly … The Flash has no door. But wait, that’s not the only Barry Allen version in the live-action film, we have Barry Allen from CW.

This version outperforms the Quicksilver of the X-Men series. The proof is that when entering “Flashtime” (episode 15, season 4: Enter Flashtime) in order to stop an atomic bomb was detonated, everything seems to stand still. Barry Allen was able to hold out for a very long time, and finally found a solution when … the range of the bomb was less than 10 meters.

Even at Marvel s home turf Quicksilver can t be faster than The Flash | Manga/Film

CW’s The Flash version outperforms Quicksilver’s X-Men series.

3. Fighting in the Marvel universe

Indeed, Quicksilver and The Flash, namely Wally West, have encountered each other several times in the crossover series of Marvel and DC. In particular, Wally once had an extremely easy win in Marvel vs. DC (1996), and then lost in JLA / Avengers (2003), at Quicksilver’s home ground is the Marvel universe. This is explained by Wally being disconnected from Speed ​​Force, while the amount of power that Speed ​​Force Battery recharges is not enough for him to promote his own speed.

So is it really Wally lost?

When Wally received the Speed ​​Force Battery, he immediately went to the Marvel universe to search for Kyle Rayner’s power battery. And let’s ask, how could Wally be able to travel in such a long time in the Marvel universe (though not as fast as in DC) if that device only collected energy when he are in DC? In this series, Wally even chases with Quicksilver … 3 times, and only loses to him in the last race.

Even at Marvel s home turf Quicksilver can t be faster than The Flash | Manga/Film

The score is 2-1 in favor of Flash, although he is not at home.

So what about The Flash other than Wally West? Unfortunately, Barry Allen and Bart Allen have no trouble connecting to Marvel, or any other multiverse. Specifically, in the Justice League / Power Rangers (2017) crossovers series, Barry can still use super speed as usual.

As for Bart, in Young Justice (2019) # 1, Bart once said: “One minute I’m running to Canada to join Alpha – Oh Man.”

Even at Marvel s home turf Quicksilver can t be faster than The Flash | Manga/Film

If you’re a fan of comics, you can immediately tell what Bart is referring to “Alpha”. In Marvel Comics, there’s a superhero group in Canada called … Alpha Flight. This could become a rather humorous explanation for where Bart had been all this time, before he returned at the end of the Flash War due to the energy field being broken.

So, by all means, there is no chance that Quicksilver can beat Flash fairly.

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