Esports organization, which owns the world-renowned DOTA 2 team, is about to buy Lowkey Esports Vietnam?

Recently, the team League of Legends Lowkey Esports North America has officially announced its dissolution, which can be considered as a sign that Lowkey Esports is in a crisis period and facing bankruptcy.

In this moment, League of Legends team Lowkey Esports Vietnam is also said to be negotiating a franchise deal, looking for a new owner who can afford financial support and continue to grow the team.

One of the organizations supposedly involved in negotiating the acquisition of Team Lowkey Esports Vietnam is Team Secret – An esports organization known in Vietnam mainly through teams DOTA 2 with the nickname “The Secret Secret”.

Team Secret is a global esports organization, founded and managed by John Yao – A Chinese businessman. Similar to Lowkey Esports, Team Secret also owns a lot of teams from different disciplines, including PUBG, Fortnite, AOE II, Rainbow 6, CS: GO, Apex Legends … But The most famous is still the DOTA 2 team.

Team DOTA 2 of Team Secret is one of the rich names of traditional DOTA 2 village in the world. Founded in 2014, Team Secret has been the owner of numerous championship titles at international DOTA 2 tournaments such as the Shanghai Major 2016, MDL Disneyland Paris Major and Chongqing Major 2019.

Esports organization which owns the world renowned DOTA 2 team is about to buy Lowkey Esports Vietnam | Esports

In esports, Team Secret has a much stronger track record than Lowkey Esports, and with its strong financial strength, it can guarantee a long-term development plan if become the new owner of Lowkey Esports Vietnam.

Besides Team Secret, some famous Esports organizations at home and abroad such as BOX Gaming or Mineski are also said to be pursuing the Lowkey franchise, according to coach Tinikun. Hopefully in the shortest time, the future of this team will be decided so that the players can continue to play peace of mind.

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