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Errors, bugs in GTA and many titles cause unprecedented economic losses in history

Game bugs are simply an integral part of the gaming world. As games become more and more complex, programmers also have a harder time removing bugs altogether. But we can see that many game bugs are harmless, sometimes there are errors that create many interesting and highly entertaining things. But there is no denying the fact that there are many bugs that cause enormous economic losses, because the gaming industry is now a very big business. To prove this, let’s take a look at the game errors causing the greatest economic damage ever known.

The case of Hot Coffee caused $ 20 million in damages to Take-Two Interactive

The games of the famous series Grand Theft Auto are always known for many sensitive and violent elements, this is also the reason why this game is labeled M, meaning that the game is only for adults. However, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas went beyond the limit of an M-labeled game, and caused Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive to pay a whopping $ 20 million.

The reason behind the story lies in the fact that the developers of GTA San Andreas have created a mini-game related to sex. This mini game allows the player to control the game’s protagonist, CJ, who is sensitive to his girlfriend. Although Rockstar decided to cut this mini-game out of the official release, the developers didn’t do exactly that, they just hidden it. And things only came to a halt when PatrickW, a hacker launched the GTA mod called Hot Coffee in June 2005, allowing players to experience all the secrets hidden in GTA San Andreas.

The incident caused Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to no longer hold M-marks, but had to switch to an AO mark (meaning for adults only), and cost Take-Two Interactive $ 20 million for the lawsuit. It was not until August 2005 that Rockstar released a patch and completely removed the mini games from GTA San Andreas, thereby pulling the M label back to this game.

For Honor encountered an error that caused players to lose valuable prizes

Errors bugs in GTA and many titles cause unprecedented economic losses in history | Game Online

The hero series called For Honor has caused one of the most unfortunate losses for players participating in the tournament of this game. With a bug called “Unlock tech”, it makes attacks difficult to control. control, and the beneficiary of this error in a $ 10,000 prize war was Jakub Palen, after an easy battle with his opponent.

As we can understand, the defenseless attacks are a huge advantage for players of skill-based fighting video games. After winning the game, Palen confessed to everyone that he did not expect to have such an easy match, which confirmed the importance of technology errors to esports tournaments.

Even though Creative Director Roman Campos Oriola then warned Palen that he would need to change the game when only two days later, Ubisoft released a major update to fix Unlock tech, it was too late. , Palen won the award, and everything is only a thing of the past.

Fault game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caused Fnatic to lose $ 250,000

Errors bugs in GTA and many titles cause unprecedented economic losses in history | Game Online

At the CSGO-DreamHack Winter tournament with a prize of $ 250,000 in 2014, the esports team called Fnatic exploited a bug of this game to bring a member of his team to a special area on the map, where he can observe and shoot anywhere on the map, a huge advantage has helped Fnatic win ten consecutive victories over his opponent LDLC.

Using the jump on each other’s shoulders to bring teammates to areas that are normally impossible to reach, that’s how Fnatic has brought their team members to the game’s bug. But it must be added that the rules of the tournament do not make this clear, and Fnatic’s work thus seems to be against the law.

Because the grounds for taking Fnatic’s victory were unclear, the judges proposed a solution to reorganize the match. But Fnatic refused, saying that the game took so much from them, it was the joy and excitement that a CS: GO Major should bring to the community. Whether due to CSGO’s true love for the game and community, or to save face after a controversial match, Fnatic refused to play again and of course that meant they gave up as well. There is always the chance to get a bonus.

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