Epic’s CEO affirmed that by giving them games, other platforms could sell more

You probably already know on the Epic Games Store that there is an event that will release one game every week for free. Maybe you have no sympathy for this platform compared to Steam, but if you regularly get games every week, now your Epic game store is quite full. Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney said the free game is good for game companies who agree to join the program.

He said that for games like Satisfactory, it would not be easy to attract buyers. But if you are given this game and turn it on, you will find this is a great game. As a result, these game brands will be well known, helping to increase sales on other platforms such as Steam, Xbox, PlayStation. At the same time, Epic also has a lot more people involved in their ecosystem, forming a relationship that all parties involved will benefit.

Other gaming platforms like Humble and GOG all have more functionality than Epic Games Store, but they spend too much effort and time to gain market share from the hands of Steam. Therefore, Sweeney determined from the outset that a truly bold strategy was needed, and a weekly game-giving and exclusive game program was born. As a result, the Epic Games Store now holds a 15% market share and continues to grow. Currently, Epic Games Mega Sale 2020 is taking place until June 11, reducing the price of a series of top games. Brothers see more here Please.

Source PC Gamer

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