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Epic Games Store will set foot on iOS and Android, to compete with Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Gamespot recently interviewed Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney. Mr. Sweeney confirmed that Epic Games Store will soon set foot on iOS and Android, to compete with Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Currently, Epic Games is storming on the PC platform, continuously playing free blockbusters to compete with the big Steam.

Previously, the relationship between Epic Games and Google was not really good. Epic Games has decided to release the Android version of its popular Fortnite game through its own website, so as not to have to share 30% of revenue with Google through the Play Store.

Google then warned that the installation file of the Fortnite game had a serious security flaw. Also remind non-background users to install APK files not on the Play Store.

Epic Games said it was illegal for Google to take 30% of its revenue from apps and games on the Play Store. However, after that, Epic Games also gave in and released Fortnite on the Play Store app store.

That’s why Epic Games wants to bring its game distribution platform to Android and iOS. CEO Tim Sweeney said: “We will bring Epic Games Store to Android, and we also want to bring this platform to iOS in the future. We think that is the best way to help this industry grow. ”

Game revenue accounts for a large part of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Therefore, Epic Games Store will be a formidable competitor of both giants Apple and Google, if it intends to completely cut off the share of 30% of revenue. Let’s wait and see what happens when Epic Games Store officially lands on Android and iOS.

Reference: Android Police

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