Enjoyed like a gamer Lien Quan Mobile: The tournament has just started, there is a huge increase in salary

So the Arena of Fame Spring 2021 – the highest level professional tournament of Lien Quan Mobile Vietnam game has officially started on February 25, 2021. The fans finally got to eat Lien Quan again, sleep Lien Quan with extremely satisfying matches with professional quality as well as … very high comedy from professional teams. How happy it is.

But fans are happy with only 1, and those who are happy 10 must be Lien Quan players. Because of…

News League of Mobile players received a record salary increase

This season’s season for League of Legends players will be really special. Because according to some sources, Garena this year will proceed to increase the salary and bonus for players with the amount of up to tens of billion dong. Details of the number have not been disclosed, but that will be one of the record numbers in the history of Vietnamese esports.

The prize has just begun to have a huge salary increase, no one is as happy as the Lien Quan Mobile players at this time. No blame on the personal page and fanpage, the players constantly posted forums showing their excitement with it. That’s right, when the salary of the players is already high, the increase will help them more ensure their quality of life, thereby they can focus entirely on the game, to improve the expertise of the tournament and bring extremely attractive matches for viewers.

The guy Vuong Trung Khien (KhiênG) of FAP Esports confidently “crows” will no longer play comedy because of a raise, a bit fine!

Enjoyed like a gamer Lien Quan Mobile The tournament has just started there is a huge increase in salary | GameK

Box Gaming’s Do Thanh Hung (Ara) shared the same feeling with Garena’s salary increase, thinking that he will be much more motivated.

Ara’s salary increase show also led to a lot of interactions, including professional players.

Not only the players of Box Gaming team, Lac Lac of SGP and Hiro of Heavy also commented enthusiastically:

Enjoyed like a gamer Lien Quan Mobile The tournament has just started there is a huge increase in salary | GameK

SGP’s god of the jungle – Lai Bang, enlist the fans to eat “hoisting salary” after the big salary increase.

Although the exact salary increase of Garena for the players is not known, but with the move to share “hustle” on social networks, it can be seen that Garena’s “willingness to spend” in 2021.

The tournament has record attraction, which holds the advantage of a perfect MOBA game

Lien Quan Mobile with 12 million players and the attraction spread across the S-shaped land. The attraction of the “national game” is shown directly through the Arena of Fame (mobile phone) – professional level tournament. the highest rank of Vietnam Mobile Union. Up to now, after 5 years and 9 seasons held, mobile phone has gradually affirmed its position as Vietnam’s attractive Esports tournament, as the total views continuously increased over each season. The Winter Arena of Fame 2020 has hit a record number of views – nearly 90 million, 1.5 times higher than the same period a year earlier.

Enjoyed like a gamer Lien Quan Mobile The tournament has just started there is a huge increase in salary | GameK

But what makes the mobile phone attractive in particular and the game Lien Quan Mobile in general? The answer is because Lien Quan Mobile currently holds the advantages that are consistent with the majority of Vietnamese gamers’ tastes.

The first is the way this game works. Players come to League of Legends partly because it’s… easy, while still being able to show off their skills. Just owning a device with a moderate configuration is enough to have a very smooth experience with Lien Quan, but experience is an important factor to retain and attract new players.

After all, after all, ordinary people coming to games on mobile are purely for entertainment purposes, but in this regard, Lien Quan does very well. Owning a map is not too big, the way to play is not too difficult, leading to the time for a game on Lien Quan Mobile is usually not too long, it can only reach 25-30 minutes, very suitable for entertainment. . At the same time, with constant innovation, players will always have a different experience, do not feel boring, thereby becoming harder to turn their back on this game.

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