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Employees quit their jobs and take unpaid leave to reduce their income because Covid-19 is expected to receive 1.8 million VND / month

At the Standing Committee of the Government on the afternoon of March 31, on the policy of social security for people affected by COVID-19, the Prime Minister said that the impact of the epidemic is very large, not only for the production and business, budget revenue but also with the lives of people, especially the poor, unemployed workers and some other people who do not have accumulated difficulties.

At the meeting, ministries and agencies proposed a number of social security support packages in some cases.

The Prime Minister stated that the urgent situation currently requires immediate attention to the lives of the people, especially the laborers, the poor, the weak, the part-time, the unemployed, the income for Ensuring a minimum basic life. At the meeting tomorrow, the Government will decide the support package for employees, ensuring social security.

In preparing the Resolution of this support package, the Prime Minister said that it is necessary to answer 3 questions, first of all determine the object and who needs support. The Prime Minister required 5 target groups: the poor and near poor; social policy beneficiaries; Contracted workers must temporarily stop working; individual business household households stop operating; freelance workers lose their jobs. The principle set out is only to support the affected people, not to miss the audience and not to take advantage of the policy to provide rampant support.

The second is to determine exactly the level of support and duration of support for each type of object. The third is to identify sources of support, modalities of support and decision authority. According to the Prime Minister, the source is mainly from the State budget within the authority of the Government, the Prime Minister and local governments as well as from enterprises.

The support guarantees 4 principles; The first is to support those directly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic to reduce income, job loss and underemployment.

The second principle is to support according to the principle of sharing the affected workers, people, businesses and the State to share to ensure the minimum basic living standard, in which the State only partially supports , appropriately aligned with Central and local budgets.

The third principle is that grassroots administrations, state management agencies and relevant functional agencies have the responsibility to identify the right objects of support, ensure publicity, transparency, not letting negative ones and main interests books, negative claims, lawsuits, complaints. The Prime Minister asked for this support to go to the workers.

The fourth principle is that businesses are socially responsible and people are responsible for keeping workers.

At the meeting, the Prime Minister also commented on the level of direct support, duration of support for the target groups for the Government meeting such as poor, near-poor households, social protection beneficiaries and people. meritorious, employees who have labor contracts with enterprises, individual business households that face the most difficulties must stop their business, freelance workers, and without jobs … with the initial estimated total of about 28 – VND 30 trillion, both central and local budgets.

Specifically, direct support for poor households of 1 million VND / person / month, immediate support for 3 months (April, May and June). Support for a part of social protection beneficiaries, people with meritorious services with the support level of VND 500,000 / person / month.

The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to review and have specific support criteria on the principle of supporting only a really difficult part, losing a job, not supporting all subjects social assistance, people with meritorious services. Sources support both central and local budgets.

Supporting employees who have contracts to work with enterprises but have to quit their jobs, work part-time and take unpaid leave to reduce their income, the support level is 1.8 million dong / person / month (ie 50% of the minimum wage). ), immediate support for 3 months 4,5,6.

At the same time, the Prime Minister required businesses to ensure the source of co-payment of at least 50% of the minimum monthly salary. If an enterprise does not have enough resources to pay at least 50% of the minimum wage for laborers, it shall apply to Vietnam Bank for Social Policies at preferential interest rates and request the State Bank to supplement sources for the Main Bank. Vietnam Social Books.

Support for individual business households to temporarily suspend business due to COVID-19 at 1 million / month for three months 4,5,6. Support for free workers without contracts, losing jobs or having no jobs, VND 1 million / person / month, for 3 months 4,5,6.

Presidents of People’s Committees of localities must clearly identify the subjects, ensure publicity, transparency, and must not cheat or seek personal benefits.

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