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Elon Musk’s ‘sky-falling’ internet is incredibly fast, despite the inclement weather

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service achieves extremely fast access speeds, even in inclement weather conditions. This is confirmed by some members of Reddit social network, after these users joined Starlink’s “Better Than Nothing Beta” pilot program in the US.

In an email sent on October 26, SpaceX confirmed that all users participating in the Starlink trial will achieve average Internet access speeds ranging from 50 to 150 Mbps. However, most of the users who participated in the test achieved actual download speeds much faster than the 150 Mps mark. In particular, a user in Seattle even achieved download speeds of up to 208.63 Mbps.

Although Starlink’s Internet broadcasting pan freezes, the device still works completely normally

According to a Reddit user currently living in the North of America, Starlink’s Internet access speed is even faster than normal, in the context that the temperature in this area is currently only -11 degrees Celsius.

“The speed of my Internet access this morning reached an average of more than 175 Mb / s, higher than the level of 150 – 160 Mb / s” before, “said Reddit account Mauvorn01.

Pictures and videos posted on Reddit also show that Starlink terminals are still operating normally outdoors in strong wind, heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. Accordingly, the surface temperature of the transceiver pan of this device reaches about 1 to 4 degrees C. This is enough heat for the snow to melt when it falls, helping the device still be able to receive Internet signals from the guard. crystal in a normal way.

Elon Musk s sky falling internet is incredibly fast despite the inclement weather | ICT News

The surface temperature of the transceiver pan is enough for the snow to melt.

However, there are still a few users who have had difficulty accessing the Internet as snow begins to fall, obscuring the receiving and broadcasting pans.

“Internet access speed will inevitably reach high latency and slower speeds when the snow is too heavy, covering the transceiver pan, or when the wind is blowing. However, the access speed gradually gets better when the weather is less severe. “A Reddit user told Business Insider.” According to this user, in bad weather conditions, the download speed of Starlink can drop to 20 to 30 Mbps, while the upload speed can reach 3 to 4 Mbps.

However, the speed of Internet access above “is still a dream for people who currently live in areas where there are not many Internet options,” according to DaddyBidoux account.

Previously, a test done by Youtube Adventures With Kramer showed that Starlink’s transceiver pan can withstand winds up to 280 km / h. Specifically, even when being shone by a leaf blower, Starlink’s Internet access speed remained at 110 to 120 Mb / s. Remarkably, even when moved by strong winds, the transceiver pan of this device automatically adjusts its direction to always align with the satellite in orbit.

Refer to Business Insider

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