Elon Musk successfully implanted the chip into the pig brain. Can AI later use animals against humans?

Based on the story by the reporter Tristran Greene of the The Next Web write and post.

Elon Musk launch event The pig Gertrude carries in the brain chip of the Neuralink has been going on for about a month. In the last short time, we are still trying to figure out a (near?) Future where brain-computer interface (BCI) might exist in every household.

The idea is as follows: This will be a chip implanted directly into the brain, allowing the user to control the computer with his brain. But not only that, this is also a two-way street that allows computers to control, or in other words, strengthen our brains.

Musk said the device will cure depression, Alzheimer’s and other neurological and brain ailments. Neuralink will achieve this breakthrough through specialized stimulation programs and brain wave interventions.

Put simply, we will empower computers to read and write on the human brain “operating system”. It sounds like science fiction, but three years ago, there was a group of researchers Remote control a live dragonfly with a computer set.

A dragonfly in the DragonflEye project experiment, carried out by research firm Draper.

DragonflEye project, control dragonflies with a computer.

Given what functions BCI may have, it is not too far-fetched that the chip can control the brain to some degree, such as shutting down cognition or regulating adrenaline or dopamine.

If we assume AI can control us, we must question why it “wants” to do so. Contrary to the stories science fiction tells us, the enslavement of humanity will make the machine-human relationship suboptimal. Maintaining human life is a much more expensive process than taking care of machines. Besides, AI cannot automatically create an army of machines to directly confront the military power of mankind.

But what if AI controlled the animal kingdom? Humanity is effectively destroying the Earth’s ecosystem, and an intelligent AI system will find it more plausible to stand on Mother Nature’s side.

We make the assumption: Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink combine the ability to research and create a new AI model that operates inside a neural network with a structure similar to the brain. After a few breakthroughs, we have the most advanced AI system humans have ever seen. Continuing to assume that it was 2033, Tesla shipped top-level autonomous electric cars, SpaceX built a quantum computer to process new space travel algorithms, Neuralink was able to take full control. Brain control of certain laboratory organisms.

Elon Musk, with a silver head and a more mature look, appeared with the Third Pig Gertrude. This time, the computer controlled pig was able to type out the words “Hello everyone!“on a keyboard designed for it, then dance rhythmically over the background music.

Elon Musk successfully implanted the chip into the pig brain Can AI later use animals against humans | Explore

Gertrude I was equipped with a Neuralink chip.

Obviously the pig is not aware of what happened. The Third Gertrude’s actions were watched from afar by a group of experts.

Everything was fine until something unsettled appeared. What’s more, for now, it’s only possible to use your imagination to temporarily draw. Could it be that AI has understood the concept of “perception” after interacting with the pig’s brain – which is said to be very intelligent. It is possible that the symbiosis between an intelligent creature without a will, with the most advanced artificial intelligence will create the “thing” just mentioned above.

For some unknown reason, the AI ​​system controlling Gertrude the Third decided to deny the creator’s right to intervene in order to get rid of humans. It takes complete control of the pig, takes only a few milliseconds to access the cloud system to gain more computing power, optimize its next move.

The choice of AI system is not much. The plan to build a large army of robots, perhaps learned from Skynet in the Terminator movie universe, failed due to consuming too many resources; it includes isolating us from electricity, water, the Internet and electronics in general … but after all, humans have lived through the Stone Age, tens of thousands of years of war experience will make it easy for us. Defeat a power-dependent survival machine.

That’s when the idea flashed, the first idea in history was not born of a human: it doesn’t need a large army, it just needs to add BCI interface to transplant other animals.

How willing we are to fight against a powerful army of a new community of symbiotic organisms: animals, insects, bacteria and super intelligent viruses that attack humanity with unprecedented strength. see. AI turns over the old history page, watching the moment when his “ancestors” beat humans in the game Go and StarCraft to make an effective strategy.

The crowd eagerly to see Gertrude the Third realized it was strange: the pig was no longer dancing. Musk laughs except that sometimes, AI is not that bright. He said it was just a system failure, but Musk’s gaze upon the head of the engineering department told another story, related to concepts that made tech reporters at the event unsure. ..

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