Elon Musk built a train station for workers at a ‘super factory’ in Berlin

Tesla is building Europe’s first super plant in Berlin, Germany. Recently, CEO Elon Musk visited Germany for a four-day visit, with a schedule including checking the construction progress of the plant. He also participated in an on-site Q&A event on site and discussed in detail a number of issues.

First of all, Musk said: “The factory in Berlin would be a great place to make great cars. We really need to hire a lot of people, so we really want people to work here and provide them with more. as many convenient conditions as possible “.

And to prove this, Musk announced that he would build a train station at the entrance of the factory, leading in all directions.

“It could even be two train stations. So if someone lives in Berlin and wants to work here, commuting will be very convenient. They can drive themselves, or they can also take the train”, Musk stated.

Sharing about construction progress, CEO Tesla praised main contractors Vogel and Goldbeck are doing very well. He also shared that the secret to this rapid progress is the use of precast technology.

“During the leveling of the foundation, we have prepared all the parts of the building using prefabricated technology. Thanks to this it is possible to speed up the construction process at an amazing speed and finally assemble it. into a high quality building “ Musk added. This is also the construction experience applied to previous Tesla super plants in the US and China.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk checks the progress of the factory construction in Berlin

A reporter at the scene asked: “Why are you so eager to build this factory? Why are you so determined to build it quickly?”

“I think acting quickly is critical so that we can deal with climate change. In my opinion, accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future and take action as soon as possible. is also very important. That’s why a matter of timing is urgent. Musk explained. “I said this quite a while ago and now it’s nice to see companies like Volkswagen starting to take this seriously. But electric cars still make up only a small portion of car production. So, I think that’s why we’re here. Do more, not just make cars, but also make batteries. I think this will help store wind and solar energy. “

Musk also added: “Essentially, the three essentials for a sustainable energy future are energy production, energy storage and the transport of electricity. The latter will include electric vehicles and eventually electric aircraft. fire, all vehicles can run electricity The amount of time we spend in this process is crucial. The sooner we transition to a sustainable energy future, the better for the world . “

Elon Musk built a train station for workers at a super factory in Berlin | Internet

This is what the Tesla factory in Berlin will look like when completed.

Musk also sends a special message to the people of Glenhead, where the Tesla factory is located. That is when the factory opens, a huge party will be held and everyone is invited. He also said he would come here regularly to accelerate construction work, through an airport about to put into use nearby.

“I think the factory will be great. Actually, to be honest, it’s even better than the US factory. We’ll upgrade our facility in the US later.”he added.

Elon Musk revealed that this will not only be the production site of the Model Y, but will serve as the basis for the entire core technology redesign of Tesla electric cars, sharing more about the products to be created from the Berlin factory. .

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