Egypt: The coffin of sky god Horus was discovered in a 3000-year-old tomb

A new discovery in Egypt has surprised the world’s archaeologists. Inside a newly unearthed tomb, a series of valuable artifacts are found, including an ancient sarcophagus dedicated to the sky god Horus.

The stone coffin dedicated to the god of sky Horus was found in this ancient tomb

In Egyptian religion, Horus is one of the most important ancient gods. He was worshiped from the end of ancient Egypt until the time when Egypt was colonized by the Greeks and Romans. Described in the form of a man with a bird’s head, Horus is often confused with the sun god Ra. The Sun God Ra was the symbolic god of Egyptian mythology, but Horus also played the role of King of the gods in various eras.

Egypt The coffin of sky god Horus was discovered in a 3000 year old tomb | Explore

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Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis. Together with his parents, he became a trio that symbolized the legitimate dominance of the Egyptian dynasties. Horus is famous for his fight against the evil god Set. He won and owned the reign of all Egypt.

Minya Governate, an archaeological site located 300 km south of Cairo Egypt, is the site of the discovery of a special coffin for Horus. The sarcophagus features the image of the goddess Nut with her wings spread and the eye symbol, two distinctive signs reserved for Horus. The coffin in Minya is prized for its age and rare stone material.

Egypt The coffin of sky god Horus was discovered in a 3000 year old tomb | Explore

Besides the Horus coffin, archaeologists have unearthed 16 graves, containing 20 coffins. All of them were created more than 3000 years ago and some of them have hieroglyphic inscriptions. The remains of the mummies inside the coffins remain a mystery. According to many archeologists, this may be the mummy of the priests at the temple of Djehuty, as well as the ancient Egyptian nobles.

In addition, archaeologists also discovered 10,000 Ushabti, small statues buried with the dead, acting as servants to serve the deceased in the afterlife; along with 700 amulets, ceramic pots and canopic – store and preserve organs of the dead.

Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khaled El-Enany said the archaeological site of Minya has been gradually revealing its secrets. Recent discoveries in this area often produce artifacts that are distinct from many other archaeological sites in Egypt.

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