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Egypt insists that the pyramid was not built by aliens, telling Elon Musk not to ‘slash the wind’.

On his personal Twitter page, tech billionaire Elon Musk recently released a statement that shocked many netizens when they thought that aliens had built Pyramids in Egypt. This tweet from Elon Musk shows that the founder of SpaceX really believes in the long-standing conspiracy theories about the Egyptian pyramid, which is believed to have built this giant work by thousands of aliens. years ago.

The Tweet posted by Elon Musk

Notably, Elon Musk’s statement shocked public opinion in Egypt. Leaders and experts from the country reacted immediately to Elon Musk’s statement.

Most recently, famous Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass posted a video in response to Elon Musk’s statement. Accordingly, Dr. Zahi Hawass affirmed the tomb of the workers who built the pyramid is the most clear evidence that the people of Egypt have created this great work, instead of aliens.

“It was an illusion. I found the tomb of the people who built the Pyramid. The people who built the Pyramid were Egyptian, they were not slaves,” Dr. Zahi Hawass emphasized.

The archaeologist asserted his responsibility to speak out against the negative effects that could occur by Elon Musk’s tweet. Dr. Zahi Hawass Hawass also advised Musk to learn more about Pharaohs and pyramids.

Meanwhile, the head of the Egyptian International Cooperation Agency, Rania al-Mashat, also voiced his desire to invite Elon Musk directly to Egypt to discover evidence of the people of this country building the pyramids. tower.

Egypt insists that the pyramid was not built by aliens telling Elon Musk not to slash the wind | ICT News

A pyramid of Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Egypt is a magnificent monument that has existed for thousands of years. Over many centuries with many “events”, the pyramids of Egypt still stand in the middle of heaven and earth. The pyramids of ancient Egypt were built from millions of stone blocks. Each stone weighs from 2 to 30 tons and is tightly packed together. Only with rudimentary tools, techniques, and manpower, the pyramid is built to be incredibly accurate without being tilted or collapsed.

The perfection of this architecture makes some people believe that it is related to aliens. According to this hypothesis, aliens with extensive technology, equipment, and knowledge taught ancient Egyptians how to build pyramids. As a result, the Egyptians who lived thousands of years ago retain the advanced knowledge and technology, ahead of their time. Even a strange theory is that aliens helped Egyptians build the pyramid because they wanted to save evidence of their visit to Earth.

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