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‘Eat all, fall to zero’ – The bloodiest formula in the Union Mobile

Mocha Xgaming Coalition of Great War ‘Eat all, fall to zero’ – the most expected domestic tournament in June organized by Viettel Media has officially kicked off with a total prize of nearly VND 100 million. Mobile League players can register for the tournament here from 12 – 16/6/2020.

The decision to select the All-Union War as the next discipline to organize the tournament was launched by Viettel Media after 5 days of ‘Referendum of gamers’. Overcoming 4 other popular games, CS: GO, Dota 2, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, Lien Quan Mobile captured the hearts of the gamer community with the highest number of votes.

 Eat all fall to zero The bloodiest formula in the Union Mobile | Mobile & Social

Rules of punishment, but the tournament also proved to be ‘funny’ with the idea of ​​’tycoon’. This may be the most exciting, thrilling yet entertaining tournament in Vietnam!

The special thing of Mocha Xgaming Coalition of the Great War in particular and the game tournaments organized by Viettel Media is that it is so daring in the rule of ‘dry blood’ to play: ‘Eat all, fall to 0’. The participating teams will receive a prize from the Organizing Committee before the competition. In each match, the winning team takes all the money from the losing team. The rules of the game can be summed up by the motto: ‘No competition has money, poor competition always loses money’. ‘This award mechanism will make the game more emotional, the matches will become much more dramatic and serious’ – commented by gamer Hung Linh, member of PDL Gaming.

Officially opened the Mocha Xgaming Alliance of the Great War

And yet, with this tournament, PS Man – the model ‘captain’ of Mobile Alliance will also appear after the ‘retirement’ career as a guest. Along with many of the hottest streamer names of Vietnam Mobile Union, PS Man will have a friendly match with the champion team Mocha Xgaming Allied War. The team that wins this showmatch match has a chance to receive up to 30 million VND.

 Eat all fall to zero The bloodiest formula in the Union Mobile | Mobile & Social

Mocha Xgaming Lien Dai Dai Chien is the second tournament organized by Viettel Media, after the successful Mocha Free Fire Fight, reaching 50 million people and attracting more than 3,000 gamers to participate in May 2020.

This is also the second mark of Viettel Media in the Mobile Union eSports division, the previous highlight was in August 2019 when with the companion of Viettel Media, Mocha ZD eSports team defeated Team Flash – the current. World champion to represent Vietnam in SeaGames 30.

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