Eager to check-in WeChoice Awards 2020, the first “messengers” have appeared!

Herald’s Board WeChoice Awards 2020 are influential people in many different fields, helping the program to be more widely spread to the community and society. Although the list of this special committee has not been officially publicized, some members are too eager to reveal themselves as a member of this special army.

Commentator Anh Dung

Surprise, honor and pride are BLV Anh Dung’s feelings when he learned that he was invited to join the messenger board of WeChoice Awards 2020: “Who would believe that they have the opportunity to be in a space with these inspiring people.

If there is one thing that I learn in this turbulent 2020 year, those are the miracles that will always come, even under the toughest of circumstances if we keep faith in ourselves and in life. “.

He also said that on his journey, he has been inspired by so many people, so he always hopes he can learn and do similar things. It doesn’t have to be something too big, just to contribute a little bit of effort to the whole story, to live your life well.

Commentator Tung Hoạ Mi

Eager to check in WeChoice Awards 2020 the first messengers have appeared | GameK

Anh Dung’s colleague – Tung Hoa Mi also attended WeChoice Awards as “messenger”. According to this male caster, this is a great honor for him personally.

Besides, he did not forget to point out, Lien Quan Mobile has 3 characters: Xuan Bach, ADC (Tran Duc Chien) and Lai Bang who were nominated in the Gamer / Streamer category of the year. Tung Hoa Mi called on the community to actively support this trio of “domestic chickens”.

Streamer Thao Nari

Eager to check in WeChoice Awards 2020 the first messengers have appeared | GameK

As one of the female streamer with many outstanding and active activities, Thao Nari participated in WeChoice Awards 2020 as a messenger. Thao hopes that her fans will spread inspiration and positive energy to the community with her.

Streamer Ha Tieu Phu

Eager to check in WeChoice Awards 2020 the first messengers have appeared | GameK

Streamer Ha Tieu Phu (Huy Ha) is also one of the Heralds WeChoice Awards 2020.

With the message of this year’s program “Dieu Ky Vietnam”, the streamer of the game League of Legends hopes that together with his brothers, he will spread the positive energy of Vietnam to everyone.

It is these sincere sharing of the Heralds, the message of WeChoice Awards Be spread closer to followers, contribute to the direction, bring beautiful impact to young people looking for a model to follow. Messenger’s Board List WeChoice Awards 2020 will continue to be updated.

Don’t forget to vote for the character who gives you the most inspiration of the year WeChoice Awards 2020 offline, especially the players of Lien Quan Mobile Vietnam for always devoting their best to bring us magical emotions! Voting time: From January 13, 2021 to 23:59, January 21, 2021. Voting results will be announced on the night of the Gala Awards and Awards held on January 22, 2021.

WeChoice Awards – Annual award organized by VCCorp Joint Stock Company, with the desire to honor people, tell the most inspirational stories, events, products and works that positively affect the community – has returned with a new message: Dieu Ky Vietnam.

The magic of Vietnam in 2020 not only comes from the numbers of its economy growth, size, or power. The miracle comes from every person of a small country, from leaders to ordinary people, from doctors to police officers, from fathers and mothers. , Son.

Please continue to accompany us on our journey to celebrate the stories and characters you find worthy of being at WeChoice Awards 2020 to spread more positive inspiration across the community.

Eager to check in WeChoice Awards 2020 the first messengers have appeared | GameK

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