Dyatlov Pass Incident: The strangest climbing accident in human history (Part 8 – Final)

In this final part of the Dyatlov Pass event, let us answer questions and unresolved mysteries to a group of four discovered near the snow hole.

1) Why Lyudmila Dubinina’s tongue disappeared, while Semyon Zolotaryov lost two eyeballs. And are these missing parts yet to be found?

This question easily makes many people imagine the scary things, but in reality, it is the question that can easily be explained. Before answering this question, we must first ignore the phrase “torn tongue” mentioned in many articles about the Dyatlov Pass event on the Internet. After all, in Dubinina’s early autopsy report, there was only one phrase referring to the tongue: “the tongue is absent”. Meanwhile, other wounds on the victim’s body were marked and explained in great detail, showing that forensicists were not surprised because the body was buried in snow for three short months. some body parts.

It can be explained that the body was soaked in running water for three months, the victim’s tongue froze in an extremely cold environment and then it broke open and was washed away with the water, this possibility is complete. All can happen. And this can also explain why Semyon Zolotaryov lost two eyeballs.

2) Why is the clothing of group of 4 people high in radioactive content?

A total of three specimens were found to have abnormal radioactivity at the scene:

1. The brown sweater on Dubinina’s body: 9900 decays / min 150 cm2.

2. Aleksander Kolevatov’s pants: 5000 decays / min 150 cm2.

3. Aleksander Kolevatov’s sweater belt: 5600 decays / min 150 cm2.

The radiation values ​​of these three specimens were two to three times higher than the outliers. The sweater on Dubinina’s body actually belonged to Yuri Krivonischenko in the first group of two people who died. The North Ural mountains had a nuclear waste explosion – the Kyshtym disaster (the accident of the leakage of nuclear power plants in the Soviet Union in the late 1950s, this is the third major nuclear leak in human history, second only to the incident at Japan’s Fukushima i power plant and the Chernobyl disaster in Pripyat, Ukraine). Considering the spread and fall of nuclear dust, it is impossible not to cause nuclear pollution to the corpses of the victims.

In fact, during the investigation, the investigation team discovered that Yuri Krivonischenko and Aleksander Kolevatov both happened to work in the nuclear power plant. So it is possible that the amount of radioactive material mentioned above came from these two members.

In addition, right from the first part when introducing the members of the climbing team, there appeared a completely different person from the other 9 members, that is Semyon Zolotaryov. While all the other members of the climbing team are university students of the Ural Institute of Technology, in their 20s, Zolotaryov is a 38-year-old bachelor, and is currently a lecturer for a travel center. calendar.

Moreover, there are many strange details about Zolotaryov:

1. When he joined the mountain climbing team, he did not say his real name but used the pseudonym “sasha”.

2. He has a lot of cash and documents in his backpack.

3. He has tattoos on his body (which was very rare in the Soviet Union at that time). Among them is the word DAERMMUZAUAYA (Cyrill alphabet ДАЕРММУАЗУАЯ, which is not in any known natural language including this word).

4. He joined the Eastern Front (Soviet-German War) and survived, but Zolotaryov’s teammates had a 3% survival rate.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 8 Final | Live

It is for these reasons that the truth about the 38-year-old man above has become a mystery that many speculations about him have spread so quickly. The most famous is the speculations in the book “Dyatlov Pass” written by Russian writer Alexei Rakitan. It was mentioned that the three KGB spies were actually disguised as members of the climbing crew and that their purpose in coming to the Ural Mountains was to communicate with CIA agents, while climbing was just that. means for them to conceal their identities.

However, communication with the Americans went wrong, so the CIA used violent methods to kill the entire climbing team, and the Soviet Union did a lot of “tricks” at the crime scene to cover up. hide KGB and CIA activities, such as counterfeiting radioactive clothing. Several important exhibits were lost at the scene, the purpose is to turn the event into a mysterious case to appease public opinion as well as prevent curious people from discovering the truth. And evidently with these rumors in his book, it had huge consequences in Russia, because it completely met the public’s expectations of the event. However, there are still many opinions that this speculation is completely baseless as blaming UFOs during the Dyatlov Pass event.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 8 Final | Live

In fact, up to this point the author of the book “Dyatlov Pass” must also admit that the Dyatlov Pass incident was the most mysterious, bizarre case he had ever known. In the course of writing the book, Alexei Rakitan completely overturned conclusions that he had carefully deduced several times. For this Russian writer realizes that no matter what inference there will always be one or two inexplicable mysteries. In the end, after exchanging a lot of information and theories, Alexei Rakitan did his best to come up with an explanation he thought was more plausible, although he thought these explanations might be. is deviation from what actually happened a lot.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 8 Final | Live

But regardless of the truth, this is still a mysterious case that has not been resolved. What can be confirmed with certainty are only 9 names of the members of the mountain group. The event of the Dyatlov Pass will remain forever in the long river of history, reminding future generations not to forget this mysterious tragedy.

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