Dyatlov Pass Incident: The strangest climbing accident in human history (Part 6)

Continue to answer unanswered questions previous part, and then answer the biggest question: what happened to those ill-fated people?

Coming to the second question, why do mountain climbing groups have to split up into small groups? To answer this question, we must determine the process of the climbing team at the Dyatlov Pass event. Judging from the footprints on the ground, all nine of the climbing party left the tent at the same time. The footprints were very steady and steady, from which it could be speculated that none of them were injured. Based on this inference, all members of the mountain group walked into the forest together. By the time they reached the cedar tree, all nine of the group was still together and they lit a fire to avoid the cold, until the first two people in the group froze.

From the evidence at the scene also showed that the duo died first because their bodies were lined up, and their clothes were almost stripped off and found on the bodies of the group of four. under the snow hole. This also directly proves that the climber’s split-up to move took place after the deaths of two members Yuri Krivonischenko, 24 and Yuri Doroshenko, 22 years old.

After undressing the first two victims, the climbing team decided to find a new, safer shelter, and they continued to move until they found the snow hole. This is an enclosed space, able to cope well with the cold wind and their lives at that time. But at this time, the group members encountered a shortage of food and clothes to keep warm.

Tree branches and clothing found in the snow hole.

So the remaining members of the mountain team decided to separate. The three decided to go back to the forest and it looked like they were trying to get back to the tent, while the group of 4 decided to stay and eventually they died in the stream outside the snow hole. In fact, this opinion has met a lot of objections from everyone. In the cold night (local weather station records nighttime temperatures of up to minus 30 degrees), why not choose to light a fire and save energy in the snow hole and wait for the morning to come instead of dying in night?

There is another opinion that right after the first two members are real, the group of 7 discussed and divided into action. The group of three decided to return to the tent, while the group of four planned to go down the mountain for help.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 6 | Live

In fact, according to the investigation report, these seven people, after taking the clothes of the group of two dead under the cedar tree, all possessed certain resistance to cold. If it weren’t for certain accidents, they wouldn’t easily fall into a cold. And of the remaining seven, only Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolles and Semyon Zolotaryov wore shoes, the rest were wearing socks on their feet. In this case, they need to spread out and ask for help. But this also reduces the survival of the members of the mountain climbing crew.

So what was the actual situation at the time? This is also the blind spot of the Dyatlov Pass event. When analyzing this case, there are many people who believe that there is only one event that causes the team to leave the tent, the team members escape with minor body injuries and then the second event occurs. And that is also the reason why the rest of them have to separate and get hurt. So what is this second event? To answer this question, we have to focus on the next question.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 6 | Live

Where did the wounds of members of the rest of the mountain group come from? Except for the first two to freeze to death, the other seven suffered varying degrees of trauma. Group three suffered minor injuries, while group of four suffered serious injuries. This difference could almost eliminate the possibility that they were attacked by people outside the mountain group because after killing 4 people, the murderer would have no reason to let go of the other three (the trio lack of shoes and less flexible movement in the snow).

Of course, this leads to another possibility that this group of 7 had a conflict and they fought and killed each other, resulting in the trio having won, resulting in less injuries. However, on the basis that there was no apparent conflict between the nine victims, the analysis of how they beat and killed each other was completely meaningless.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 6 | Live

In fact, the official Soviet report alluded to the truth – the Soviet Union declared the case closed on the grounds that the climbing team had encountered it as “force majeure”. This means they died under a huge impact and was completely consistent with the autopsy results. Regarding this “force majeure” cause, many speculated from the ambiguous attitudes of Soviet officials that the secret weapon was most likely related. Of course, if you imagine a little more, maybe the whole Dyatlov Pass event was a man-made incident, to conceal something …

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