Dyatlov Pass Incident: The strangest climbing accident in human history (Part 4)

These mystery photo being on the mountain climbing group’s camera wasn’t clear enough to solve the mystery. We only have to speculate, based on identified facts to find out the cause of death of your group …

On the night of February 1, outside a farm called Wells, 50 km south of Ottorten, another seven-man climbing team entered the mountain that day. However, that night when they camped on an empty lot at the foot of the mountain to the west of Kholat Syakhl. The hikers discovered an orange ball emitting a flame-like glow in the northern sky near 0 o’clock.

At the same time, the police gradually learned that between February and March, many people in the area witnessed the same phenomenon, even the weather records of some farms. save relevant information.

However, when the police reported the mysterious orange object to their superiors, they immediately received instructions to “stop investigating the case.” In August 1959, Soviet officials announced that the case was closed on the grounds that the climbing team encountered a “force majeure case”. The incident is classified as a climbing accident. Family and friends of the victims were dissatisfied with this final conclusion and they actively contacted the media and scholars from many different parties. And this has expanded the influence and pervasiveness of the Dyatlov Pass incident increasingly and caused many people to want to discover the truth of this incident.

Schematic representation of the position of the “orange object”.

It has been 60 years since the Dyatlov Pass event, but there is still no explanation that will convince most people. First, because the incident took place in the snowy mountains was an uninhabited area and the bodies of all the victims were found too late. Therefore, the incident not only lacked key witnesses, but also could not identify traces at the scene. Second, the evidence for this fact seems to be lacking and so ambiguous so reproducing the sequence of events is difficult. The official archive of information and clues to this case may have been buried and the truth may have disappeared with the fall of the Soviet Union, and this has also led to many negative theories. the scheme leading to their death was born. The current main views are as follows:

1) Murdered

According to this argument, the mountain team was chased by mysteries and then killed members of the mountain team in the woods, snow holes, etc. As for the motive of the murder, it is believed that it was the ruthless hands of KGB / CIA agents, some claiming that Mansi hunters killed them because the climbing crew broke into the restricted area in the text. of this people, and some think it is possible that the team members killed each other and then the last member committed suicide and Semyon Zolotaryov became the most suspect.

2) Wild animals / unknown mysterious creatures

This argument claims that the destruction of the camp was caused by wolves or wild bears, and some even believe an unknown local creature named the Yeti (similar to Bigfoot) is the one. Kill team members.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 4 | Live

3) UFOs, aliens

The appearance of these characters is indispensable to any unanswered mystery, and the Dyatlov Pass event is certainly no exception, the orange mysterious object becoming the clearest proof. for alien claims.

4) Accident

Some who disbelieve in mysterious powers have suggested that the team may have encountered a small avalanche or a fire inside the tent, causing the team members to hide and eventually die in the cold.

It was also reported that Soviet officials tested a secret weapon in the area, which unfortunately killed climbers due to shock waves.

5) Special natural phenomena

This hypothesis believes that some extremely rare natural phenomena that have occurred in this mountainous region, such as ball lightning, infrasound waves and even gravitational vibrations, have brought death to the mountain climbing team.

But all is just judgment and there are still unanswered questions for the Dyatlov Pass event. To facilitate the process of discovering the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass event, the locations of the first incident can be divided into three main locations: the campsite, the cedar tree and the snow hole.

The victims were divided into three groups: groups of two (freezing under a cedar tree), group of three (freezing on the way back to the tent with injuries on the body) and group of four (dying near the snow hole with serious bodily injuries).

The questions we need to analyze and answer in order to find the truth of the Dyatlov pass incident can be listed as follows:

1) Why did the team rush out of the tent?

2) Why does the group have to subdivide the team members to move around?

3) What are the bodily injuries of group of three and group of four?

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