Dyatlov Pass Incident: The strangest climbing accident in human history (Part 2)

The official backup copy of the team log in profile. The final recording is up to February 1st. This is also the reason why the mountain team was officially judged to die early in the morning of February 2nd.

In previous part, You have been step by step in preparation and going to the fateful campsite. How did each of them disappear in the dark? What happened? Please read part 2:

After grasping the general situation, the search and rescue force conducted a survey around the forest. Tracing the footprints, on March 2, they found the bodies of two male victims under a large cedar tree on the edge of the forest. The two victims were Yuri Krivonischenko, 24 years old and Yuri Doroshenko, 22 years old. Both are barefoot and wearing only thin underwear, as is common sense, people can’t just wear these in the wild and especially the outdoor temperatures are below minus 20 degrees.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 2 | Live

In fact, if hypothermia becomes severe, breathing and heart rate can drop dangerously. A person with hypothermia can lose consciousness and even die. But before losing consciousness completely, the victim will display some bizarre behaviors such as taking off his own clothes. This phenomenon is called abnormal undressing during forensic examination.

However, when searching around, they did not find out about the clothes of the two victims. In addition, under the cedar tree there were traces of a burning fire, many branches on the tree were broken and there were signs of climbing, it is likely that these two members of the team climbed the tree. to find directions to get back to the tent.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 2 | Live

From March 3 to March 5, the search and rescue team consecutively found the body of captain Dyatlov, 23, a female member of the mountain group, 22-year-old Zinaida Kolmogorova and 23-year-old Rustem Slobodin. The approximate holding intervals of them are 300 meters, 630 meters and 480 meters respectively. The three victims one after another fell to the ground in the direction facing the tent. It seemed that they had determined their direction and perished on the return journey.

The bodies of 5 victims were quickly taken to the hospital, according to forensic doctors, 5 victims froze. It is worth mentioning that all five bodies showed no sign of fighting or being killed, but the sides of Rustem Slobodin’s skull were damaged in varying degrees. It has been inferred that this could be the result of a collision between him and the ground / rock when he passed out in extremely cold weather. Since there was no trace of bystanders’ activities at the scene, the police ruled out the possibility of their murder and determined that all 5 victims died of hypothermia. In fact, they assume what happened that night:

For some reason (possibly a small avalanche), the mountain team responded to an emergency by fleeing towards the mountainside, deviating from the direction of the avalanche. When the small avalanche ended and before a large scale avalanche happened, they decided to head back to the tent. However, the winter night in the wild was overwhelming. The bodies of the members of the climbing team gradually lost their heat and caused the first two members of the crew to perish and freeze to death under the tree. To ensure their lives, the other members of the delegation decided to re-dress the two victims and continued to move towards the tent. However, it seemed too late to wear more clothes now and the other members also perished on the way back to the tent.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 2 | Live

Mountain climbing always has potential risks and challenges, this is also the fascinating part of this sport, overcoming many trials and trials to reach the top of the mountain, indescribable feeling of satisfaction is indescribable. in the heart of every mountain climbing enthusiast. Because of that, whether people have accidents of one kind or another, people still don’t step back, this is a sad story. The total members of the climbing team were 9 people, but up to that point the rescue team had only discovered 5 bodies and if the other 4 people could not be found, it was probably just a terrible accident. . But the last four victims, after being discovered, made the Dyatlov Pass event an unanswered mystery in human history.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 2 | Live

With the determination of the causes of death of the first 5 victims, the search and rescue work has temporarily come to an end. The search and rescue team decided to continue searching for the remaining victims after the weather warmed up. The focus of people gradually changed from understanding the cause of the accident to grieving these young people. And even the family members of the 4 victims have not yet found the bodies, at this time they probably have no hope anymore but only hope to find the remains of their loved ones as soon as possible so that they can rest.

Two months after the accident, when the snow melted, the search and rescue team took a whole month to find four bodies 75 meters from the cedar tree. Initially, the rescue team found a pair of black cotton sweatpants and a light brown sweater near the cedar tree. They believe that the remaining victims may be near this area. After digging 3.5 meters deep, rescuers found a pile of clothes and some branches had been cut off. According to the search and rescue team investigation, these clothes belonged to the first two victims of freezing under a cedar tree.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 2 | Live

Then, at a creek about 20 meters from the snow hole, investigators sensed bodies buried under the snow through search and rescue equipment, and finally the search and rescue team declared The bodies of the last four victims were recovered, 4 meters from the snow hole.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 2 | Live

The four victims were: Lyudmila Dubinina, 21-year-old female, 25-year-old Aleksander Kolevatov, 24-year-old Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolles and 38-year-old Semyon Zolotaryov. Based on the appearance of the body it can be judged that these four people were not injured, from a preliminary assessment it can be inferred that the cause of death is the same as the previous five.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 2 | Live

Based on the position of the snow hole, it can be surmised that the four of them were hiding and headed towards the bottom of the mountain and then accidentally fell into the ravine next to the creek and died or froze while continuing down. . Furthermore, based on their clothes, one could even deduce the team’s death order, as Lyudmila Dubinina wore a brown sweater by Yuri Krivonischenko – froze under a cedar tree. It can be speculated that, after the deaths of the first two members, the climbers split into two small groups, one running towards the tent while the other trying to walk towards the foot of the mountain for help. the people there, but unfortunately both groups were unable to survive the extreme cold.

Dyatlov Pass Incident The strangest climbing accident in human history Part 2 | Live

3D scene reconstruction of a group of 4.

However, after bringing 4 bodies to the hospital and an autopsy, the creepiness and singularity began to manifest, making any analysis and interpretation of the accident become meaningless. Their deaths were completely different from those of the first five victims, and very unusual features existed in the bodies of four victims:

1) None of these four people died of freezing, they all died of “fatal injuries”.

2) The entire ribs of Lyudmila Dubinina and Semyon Zolotaryov were broken, the broken bones inserted into the heart and lungs. Such a serious injury is equivalent to a head-on collision with a car traveling at 80km / h.

3) Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolles’ skull was completely broken and severely deformed

4) Aleksander Kolevatov’s neck is broken

5) But such injuries could be explained by the reason they had been hit by a fall and hit, or had been hit by an avalanche. But the face sockets and soft tissue in the bridge of the nose, lips and tongue of Lyudmila Dubinina were gone, while Semyon Zolotaryov lost two eyeballs. And these missing parts have yet to be found.

6) The members of this group wear more clothes than 5 people, but the more mysterious thing is that their clothes contain high levels of radiation.

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