DWG Canyon: ‘We only showed 70-80% of our performance during scrims’, netizen: ‘This sentence sounds familiar.’

24 minutes 34 seconds, that’s all that time DAMWON Gaming need to finish their opening match in the group stage Worlds 2020, before JD Gaming. In terms of expertise, DWG is still rated slightly higher than JDG, only ONE MUCH.

So the defending champions LCK beat the LPL runner-up is not a surprise, what makes fans ‘bewildered’ is the way they destroy the host country representative, an overwhelming, completely destructive victory. with 15k money difference and a score of 10-0 to the tower.

DWG vs JDG Highlights Day 1 Worlds 2020 Main Event DAMWON vs JD Gaming by Onivia

After the match, Canyon – DAMWON’s Jungle Player gave an interview on the past victory experience. He also shared a lot about DWG’s preparation for JDG, such as the fact that DAMWON knows the enemy’s “nurturing” tactics, or especially Lillia, despite having a hot pick reputation, is just “pitfalls” in the pick / ban stage.

According to Canyon, Lillia is a powerful card, but her power-boosting ability is heavily dependent on forest robbery early in the game, and DWG’s job is very simple, once she has caught the opponent. they simply put up the heaven and earth hammock to counter it.

In addition, the Inven Global reporter also raised a question about the title “king of practice” of DAMWON. In fact, this is a not so glorious nickname and carries most of the ironic connotations, because at CKTG 2019, DWG is known to destroy all opponents in practice matches but shows very faintly when the tournament starts. :

Reporter: From what I hear, DWG’s scrims have gone extremely smoothly. Although this is just a rumor, it was said that DWG had 3 wins before the 15th minute against G2 Esports. So how much power of “DAMWON scrims” did you show in the match against JDG?

DWG Canyon: (Laughs) Although the finale is a bit of an exaggeration, it is true that our scrims were very good. Our performance against JDG is about 70-80% performance in practice matches. If I allow me to re-examine my shortcomings, then perhaps it would be my personal mistake, given that I had a couple of situations where I was in a bad position and buff.

Canyon’s interview immediately reminds fans of Pawn, who also had the same answer during the 2015 MSI interview: “I only showed 70 – 80% of my performance in the victory against Faker”.

DWG Canyon We only showed 70 80 of our performance during scrims netizen This sentence sounds familiar | Esports

In fact, both answers were personal and there was absolutely nothing to call out arrogance or arrogance here, but Pawn constantly failed in Faker’s encounters after MSI 2015. turned his sentence into a sarcastic subject aimed at the player himself.

As for Canyon, of course, fans also want DAMWON to quickly show “100% form as in scrims”, because winning against JD Gaming could not say anything about the championship race, and Only showing its perfect qualities, DAMWON deserves to defeat the LPL’s giants and be crowned world champion.

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