Dual-screen Surface Neo tablets were delayed indefinitely

Late last year, Microsoft launched two unique and interesting product lines: Surface Neo and Surface Duo. While the Duo can be thought of as a small tablet hybrid smartphone with two screens and runs on Android, like many of the folding screen smartphones we see now, with the Neo, Microsoft emphasizes flexibility as well. As designed by the machine, using the new Windows 10X platform to optimize the experience with dual-screen devices.

Initially, the first dual-screen devices running Windows 10X, including the Surface Neo, were expected to launch by the end of this year, but with the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic situation. Recently, Microsoft has officially announced indefinitely postponement of the sale of Surface Neo. The company said it will “look for the right time” to launch this product line.

This also means that the first devices to hit the market with Windows 10X pre-installed will be single-screen devices, including 2-in-1 laptops that are still popular right now. with features that are strongly focused on cloud computing capabilities, areas where Microsoft currently dominates the market. As for the Surface Neo, there won’t be a specific launch date in the future, at least until a new announcement from Microsoft.

Dual screen Surface Neo tablets were delayed indefinitely | Mobile

Microsoft has always emphasized its Surface line in terms of flexibility, versatility and compactness, with “tablet” -based experiences but still for a laptop-like experience, especially on the newly launched Surface Neo. The company announced and last year. For those who are really looking forward and looking for a unique device that has a “disruptive” like Surface Neo, perhaps they will be disappointed and wait for a long time to be able to find for themselves. a satisfactory product …

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