Drama: The old man exposes the Gen.G players who don’t watch the coach, do his own thing, Clid ‘is weak and likes to be boss’

In the recent stream, Tom – the coach just broke up Gen.G Esports Not long ago, it suddenly revealed the mysterious stories of this team. Through the form of “answering the questions of the audience”, Tom has exposed quite negative realities within Gen.G, such as the fact that the coaches have no real power, while the players are always doing their own thing. and lead to the unfortunate failures of this team.

Some of the main points in Tom’s question and answer screen can be summarized as follows:

1. Gen.G practice is not bad, against DAMWON, the win rate of 2 teams is equal, against Suning or G2, Gen.G wins more, in general, GEN is 60-70% when scrims. Bdd Not bad, this player often thinks that the team’s training intensity isn’t enough, but when Edgar is gone, no one will urge to practice.

2. Gen.G’s coaching staff mostly wanted to leave the team, Tom decided to quit right after Worlds, while a few others had the intention of leaving since spring.

Drama The old man exposes the Gen G players who don t watch the coach do his own thing Clid is weak and likes to be boss | Esports

3. The role of the Gen.G coaching board at Worlds is almost … symbolic, psychological support is key. The coaches don’t interfere with the ban / pick phase, leaving the players to pick for inspiration. The two names that do not listen to the coach’s advice, but always pick them up in their own right, are Clid and Bdd. When the coach said Azir was not a good pick, Bdd argued that the general had no problem and kept picking Azir.

4. In the match against G2 Esports, Gen.G knew how to deploy G2’s lineup, but did not give a counter. In game 2, the ban / pick out is entirely due to the stubborn players, picking their own way, not listening to the coach. The feedback sessions after the practice are also just procedural, the players always say they will learn from experience but then go back to it, Bdd, Life and Clid are typical cases.

5. The main caller in the team is Rascal, but when Rascal plays well, he can call, but in these matches, players are down to … toang. Bdd is also one of the most ineffective call positions, Clid, despite being a jungler, cannot call the team. Tom assumed that after Edgar’s departure, the other members of the Training Committee were not reputable enough to be unable to manage the team.

Drama The old man exposes the Gen G players who don t watch the coach do his own thing Clid is weak and likes to be boss | Esports

6. Clid’s weakness is that he doesn’t know when to gank, sometimes he goes to gank too early (when his teammates don’t have enough resources) and then feeds back to his opponent, sometimes he ganks without notice. If the meta gank is a lot, then Clid has a chance to play the game, but the moment it is a meta farm, meddling in the lane without being effective is considered a failure.

Through Tom’s share, it can be seen that the problem Gen.G Esports encountered lies in the fact that the players and coaches do not have a common voice. And some Gen.G players themselves also have a lot of problems with manners and listening to their coaches.

The 2020 season for Gen.G Esports cannot be said to be a bad season, but it’s not called success, because every goal they set is not achieved (except to attend Worlds). Perhaps, Gen.G Esports will continue to receive a major personnel change in this 2021 preseason transfer market.

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