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Dragon-type monsters are the most popular among Pokemon fans

In myths, legends and old works, dragons are always noble creatures, possessing supernatural powers and abilities, superior to and superior to other animals. In the world of Pokemon is similar, when the dragon species often possess different powers and skills, impressive and attractive to famous Pokemon collectors.

Although there is a class division of dragons, when not just being labeled by the dragon, it will be a genuine Pokemon. Remember, there are 52 dragon strains in Pokemon. Let’s try to find out the most powerful and powerful dragons in the Pokemon world, who they are.

1. Rayquaza

One of the legendary and most powerful Pokemon in the ancient Pokemon world, is Rayquaza. Rayquaza himself was strong, but when he evolved into Mega form, like during the time when this Pokemon tried to intervene, as well as extinguishing the fight between Groudon and Kygore – two original and very powerful pokemon, that was. the culmination of Rayquaza’s abilities.

As the lord of the sky, if Rayquaza identifies himself as number two, there are not many big guys who claim to be number 1.

2. Giratina

Although there are two forms, but indeed, looking at Giratina, we can see that this is the “perfect” combination between the dragon and the centipede. Indeed, even if it was a legendary pokemon, Giratina’s design was difficult to sympathize with viewers.

Dragon type monsters are the most popular among Pokemon fans | Khám phá

With six legs, eight knees, and enormous, dull wings, Giratina radiated nothing but a terrifying gloom. Possessing supernatural speed and destructive power is definitely not inferior to any Pokemon, Giratina is also one of the most feared dragons in the Pokemon world.

3. Dialga and Palkia

Dragon type monsters are the most popular among Pokemon fans | Khám phá

This duo also belongs to the lineage of the strongest dragon Pokemon in history. One possesses the ability to manipulate time, while the other is always the ruler of space. If there is a combination of Dialga and Palkia, it will definitely create an unprecedented power.

Both Dialga and Palkia are legendary Pokemon, and both possess powers far superior to other races. Even many people believe that the strength of this couple is only inferior to Arceus – the lord of Pokemon.

4. Kyurem

Dragon type monsters are the most popular among Pokemon fans | Khám phá

If you want to find the most powerful Pokemon, not only among the dragons, but capable of competing across the world and generations, perhaps Kyurem White will be the choice many Pokemon fans think of immediately.

With sharp claws, proud fangs and above all, extremely charismatic bright eyes, Kyurem’s appearance showed the strength and intimidation of this Pokemon. Even in the Pokemon games, the publisher always puts Kyurem as the most destructive Pokemon in the game, especially with the skill of creating a cold air blast, making the enemy numb. stiff, and barely able to resist the fierce attacks from Kyurem’s side.

5. Zygarde

Dragon type monsters are the most popular among Pokemon fans | Khám phá

It can be said that Zygarde belongs to the legendary Pokemon series possessing superior strength compared to other races, but it is hard to say that he possesses an eye-catching appearance. Although there are many different appearances, depending on the type of morphology, Zygarde is probably the coolest and most dusty dragon of any dragon species.

The reason for saying that, because in one of his states, Zygarde looks like a large becg dog. However, when in its complete form, Zygarde was definitely a giant monster, with sharp wings and sharp claws. Once the evolution reached its full form, few people doubted the might of this Dragon Pokemon.

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