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Dragon Raja released a voyeuristic trailer showing off the cool characters

New details about the upcoming Dragon Raja role-playing mobile game of Archizard Games have been revealed. In a new trailer, we have a glimpse of some of the characters that will meet throughout the game. Dragon Raja will appear to iOS and Android in February.

Dragon Raja – Official Cinematic Trailer

Until now, we still don’t have much details about the characters that players will have access to. But the official trailer has just released a brief introduction through the different character classes that you can choose. Although there aren’t really too many details, it also revealed a bit about each character’s play style.

A total of five character classes to choose from in Dragon Raja. Each character will take on different roles with a different style of play – meaning there will be unique attacks and special abilities.

The trailer tells us about Shining Lu – the heir of a royal bloodline, an introverted and extremely fastidious character. There is also Caesar, whom Archizard describes as a boy who considers himself the center of a wealthy family. The Ceasar will be equipped with a two-barreled gun, so his attacks will be far-off and relatively fast.

We have also seen Johann Chu, a college student, a model who firmly believes in justice and has an almost emotionless face. In addition, Nono – a character with a strong will, always determined to make everything to the end. Her equipment is a mini-type gun. Therefore, her attacks will be from afar but perhaps at a slower speed while dealing more damage than Caesar’s weapons.

Dragon Raja released a voyeuristic trailer showing off the cool characters | Mobile & Social

And finally Erii, who couldn’t seem to say because if she did that would destroy the world, a problem that seemed like a heavy burden. Erii brought with him a katana, so this might be the type of melee class.

Overall, it looks like the game will have all sorts of engaging fights to keep things more interesting.

Dragon Raja released a voyeuristic trailer showing off the cool characters | Mobile & Social

If you haven’t heard of Dragon Raja, then this is an upcoming MMORPG about a futuristic fantasy world, where you’ll be tasked with protecting the world from dragons that have just woken up from a long sleep. . Players will cooperate with an army of hybrid power from the winged beasts so they can be better equipped to protect humanity. Dragon Raja is a mix of fantasy, Sci-Fi and Cyber ​​Punk themes.

Dragon Raja released a voyeuristic trailer showing off the cool characters | Mobile & Social

This is definitely an ambitious game for the publisher. In terms of images, Dragon Raja makes the realistic world interaction so impressive without too many current MMO titles that can do or do as well as Dragon Raja. We will experience features like day / night cycles besides lighting effects and realistic shadows. And players can “slip if running on ice surface” or damage surrounding structures while fighting if not careful. This type of interaction with the world of the game makes the game feel more alive and will create very interesting experiences.

The game will also have multiple endings, environments, and storylines driven by the player; NPCs will also react to how you treat them. Dragon Raja will be a very promising game and if released, we will have a great addition to the MMO mobile series. If you like MMO on mobile devices, this is something you need to be aware of.

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