Dragon Ball: Tien Shinhan and Krillin, who is the stronger one?

The world in Dragon Ball rife with Android and powerful aliens like Saiyan and Namekians, so it’s hard for a normal person on Earth to have to fight with them.

Despite this, the two Earth people Krillin and Tien Shinhan always fight side by side with their saiyan friends throughout the series. Still at all The two have never fought directly with each other, but the question of who is stronger always makes many people curious.

Below, let’s put on the scales to see Krillin and Tien Shinhan Who is really stronger at this point!

1. Krillin

In Dragon Ball, Krillin was initially introduced as Goku’s rival, trained together by Master Roshi. But over time, the two became close friends. Although bald’s strength level can never keep up with Goku, Krillin never steps back before a fight.

Therefore, this attitude has cost him many times in Dragon Ball, against enemies like Tambourine, Frieza and Buu. However, his sharp mind and quick reaction helped Krillin survive many impressive battles.

Trained by Master Roshi, Krillin is also able to use both the Solar Flare and the Kamehameha. He also has some of his own creation techniques, such as the Scatter Bullet, by shooting the ki up high, then splitting it into smaller and faster bursts. His ki wave can wipe out attacks easily. And Krillin’s most special technique is the Dest Desto Disc, a razor-sharp energy disc that can cut through almost anything.

2. Tien

Tien is a student of Tsuru-Sennin, a longtime rival of Master Roshi. Like his friend Chaozu, he was originally a villain in Dragon Ball, who was introduced in the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, competing with Goku. Tien even won the fight with others like breaking Yamcha’s leg and winning Goku in the finals match.

But through the battles, he has come to respect Goku more, especially after their friends Krillin and Chaozu are killed. They fought together against King Piccolo, making good friends. Tien Shinhan was involved in many battles in Dragon Ball Z, although he died while fighting Nappa and Buu. But like Krillin, he never gave up before his enemies.

Because Tien is not trained by Master Roshi, his abilities are different from Goku, Krillin and Yamcha. Tien used Dodon Ray, a powerful technique shot out from his finger. Tien also has a blinding Solar Flare, Four Witches technique that brings a new set of “weapons” and Multi Form – allowing him to create 4 identical copies to attack from multiple directions in a battle.

However, Tien’s most powerful move is Shin Kikohou, Tri-Beam. Although it is powerful enough to deal with major threats such as Semi-Perfect Cell, this technique also has a limitation, as using it too much depletes vitality from Tien and can even kill him. ta. Tien’s first death was the result of using this technique to try (and fail) to kill Nappa.

3. So who is stronger?

By this time in Dragon Ball, both Krillin and Tien were overwhelmed by the forces of franchising. However, the fact is that none of them can keep up with the Saiyans. Both still prove to be creative warriors, cleverly using techniques and strategies to overcome stronger enemies, surviving most of the series.

This is perhaps best shown in Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z and the Universe Survival Saga of Dragon Ball Super. Fighting with Android and Cell is almost impossible for both, but Krillin still proves his ability to survive a direct hit from Perfect Cell, while Tien holds onto Semi-Perfect Cell (almost at the cost of his own life) by using Shin Kikohou.

In addition, both are members of Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power. Although Krillin was eliminated before Tien, he was able to take out three opponents, one more than Tien. Shinhan is also the next warrior to be eliminated from the battle after Krillin. While Tien may be more technically stronger, Krillin has more creative ability and smarter tactics, along with more experience against tougher enemies and (barely) survives.

If the two fight, Krillin can surpass Tien. But when Krillin found peace with his family in Dragon Ball Super, Tien’s training never stopped. That means Tien can actually be stronger than Krillin at the moment, because strength doesn’t always guarantee victory in Dragon Ball.

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