Dragon Ball: Frantic before the fusion version of Buu and Freeza, the ‘marshal’ of the Dragon Ball world is here!

Dragon Ball is a series of comics with fresh, lively and important drawings with a strong “character”, so if there is a union with each other, it will be extremely rich.

And one of the most fusion methods is the trick Fusion Dance– a technique that Goku learned from the planet Metamor in another world. This is a technique to merge two people into one to create a stronger individual in a given time by characteristic posture.

To be usable Fusion Dance requires two fusions to have equal strength and perform in a symmetrical position. After successful fusion, the new warrior will appear to be much stronger than 2 old warriors.

This is considered an extremely useful skill to help characters can fight with stronger opponents. However, not all combinations are meaningful and bring the expected results. If done Fusion Dance Incorrect will create failed versions such as thin or fat and have much weaker strength.

And recently an artist with an Instagram account @reinald_art imagined a very interesting combination that is the combination of the two most powerful and ugly villains. Dragon Ball Together it is Buu and Freeza.

Dragon Ball Frantic before the fusion version of Buu and Freeza the marshal of the Dragon Ball world is here | Manga/Film

The name of this fusion version can be called Buureeza, Super Freeza, Fruu ..

In fact, the fusion between these two characters has been happening in the past Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 when Freeza is one of the characters that Buu can absorb. And this has brought Buu a tremendous power. But this combination does not change much in the shape when Buu’s face still has the inherent features, only the voice is slightly changed.

And perhaps that’s why everyone is surprised when it comes to the license Fusion Dance This is so complete, even many fans still admire its glittering appearance.

What do you think about this fusion, that is an extremely unique idea, isn’t it? Please share your thoughts on this matter!

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