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Don’t underestimate these small things, they are the cause of frequent computer damage


As a gamer, whether you like it or not, you also have to admit that you are quite lazy in cleaning the case for PC, this is a chronic disease of the majority of the gaming population. Although I always wanted a clean and beautiful gaming corner, many gamers could not do that. And then to a super free day, you open your PC case and marvel at the sight of dust and garbage clinging to the hardware.

A little dust will not hurt much to the hardware, but if not controlled and cleaned regularly, some of the particles that accumulate for a long time can also turn into large pieces of dust on the fan. This prevents valuable external airflow from accessing your PC’s internal components such as the GPU and CPU, making them heat up faster and reduce their lifespan.

High temperature

The problem of CPU or GPU temperature always causes gamer to be concerned because when they remain too high when fighting games or using heavy tasks, it can cause components to shorten life or directly affect the usage of the application (causing reduced pulse, jerky lag .. .).

Don t underestimate these small things they are the cause of frequent computer damage | Gaming Gear

Currently all PC systems from desktop to laptop have good sensors and automatic ‘shutdown’ mechanism or reduce the clock when the CPU or GPU reaches a certain dangerous temperature (usually 100 degrees Celsius). ). So gamers don’t need to worry about them going ‘dead’ when used anymore, but maintaining operations at high temperatures is really not good, you can not achieve the maximum performance of the hardware and I wonder when they will fail.


Despite being an extremely important component, playing the role of the ‘heart’, providing all the power for the computer to operate, but the power supply unit (PSU) has always been quite vague in the gaming world. Everyone can understand how strong this VGA is, how the CPU is performing or how much RAM to do, but choosing the source accordingly, not everyone is fluent. And this is a critical weakness that reduces the life of your PC.

Don t underestimate these small things they are the cause of frequent computer damage | Gaming Gear

Always keep in mind that maintaining a stable power supply is the best way you can extend the life of components such as CPU, Main or GPU. If the source is unstable, flickering, or too weak to download the device links, you will find your PC is often petty or even worse, the link is broken.

Check and make sure you own a good and healthy power supply. If not, immediately replace it before it is too late.

Put the case on the floor

If you own a rugged desktop tree but the desktop is too “munchy”, chances are you’ll think of putting your beloved computer on the floor or under the table. However, do not do that! Everything would be much worse if the room was carpeted.

Desktop computers often generate quite a lot of heat coming from the internal components, especially when equipped with a powerful CPU and graphics card. To lower the temperature, the radiator draws cool outside air, and expels hot air from the inside out, much like the mechanism of a car engine.

Don t underestimate these small things they are the cause of frequent computer damage | Gaming Gear

If you put the computer case on the floor, the circulation between the air flows will be poor. This leads to the machine’s temperature cannot be in a safe state. Besides, because the floor is where “tons of dust” is stored, placing the PC case underneath will cause them to face more dust. Putting it on the floor means you’ll need to clean the room more often if you want your computer to work properly.

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