Doinb: ‘SofM is a pervert’

In the context of having to sit at home watching Worlds even though they are the 2019 champions, Doinb Of course, spend a lot of time researching and observing the play style of the participating teams. Anyway, anyone can be an opponent of FPX in the future, and studying top-notch matches is also a must if you want to improve your expertise to bring your team. I’m back to the podium of glory.

But for Suning, Doinb made no secret of being a fervent supporter of this team, because of the influence of his brother Tian, ​​Doinb also “fascinated”. SofM It’s gone, and the former Worlds champion has been a hard fan of the Vietnamese jungler for a long time.

After Suning’s victory over Machi Esports, besides Letme, Doinb is one of the stars of the LPL who gives the most in-depth comments about SofM personally. Doinb’s knowledge of League of Legends is off the table, plus his humorous and famous style of language, Doinb even gives “shocking” assessments about SofM.

“Now is the time of the Predator Jungle, ganking early to gain power as quickly as possible. If you don’t choose them, you will suffer a lot in the jungle. But SofM is unique, he is.” Pervert, he turns the herbivore junglers into monsters.

I watched SofM’s Nidalee in the last match. Huh? What? 1 chasing 3? I also ate 1 life and then escaped. I don’t dare think he’s so crazy. “

The situation of the Rift Herald and defeating SofM’s Volibear was judged by Doinb to be an “crazy” act beyond imagination.

To say no, SofM has never been out of place even in the defeat against G2, with just the last 3 games, his name is already popular enough. “

As is well known, Doinb is not the only one to emphasize SofM’s jungle when facing teams in Group A. Recently, LPL’s Youtube channel even created a separate clip for statistics about the number of jungle camps that SofM has “asked for” from your team. The result was quite “dreadful”, the guy in Cau Giay robbed a total of 13 camps (not including the Crab Scrabble) after 3 matches, including up to … 7 yards of Demons.

2 Red Charm + 1 Blue Charm + 7 Demon Bird (?) Grounds + 2 Stone Man grounds + 1 Wolf beach

In addition to the two important goals, Blue and Red buff, the Raccoon Beach is one of the jungle monsters that bring the highest amount of experience in the game, and it is clear that SofM focuses on attacking the birdfield on the enemy jungle. must be a commute, but a deliberate act of constantly increasing the gap in gold and exp.

However, as Doinb said, SofM only needs 3 Bo1 games to get the world name mentioned, but that also means that his gameplay will be thoroughly dissected. On October 8, Group A’s second leg Worlds 2020 will take place. With 3 consecutive matches in a day, Suning will definitely have to take into account SofM’s “bird hunting” play and make a backup plan.

Anyway, the second leg is the time to decide the fate of the teams in Group A, but if there is no plan B for the consecutive matches, the risk of SN being eliminated remains. Of course, for SofM and Suning fans, their belief is absolute now, because this team is having a good performance with an extremely confident and excited playing mentality from everyone. position, and a ticket to the quarterfinals did not seem too difficult for them.

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